Basic Procedures

Basic Procedures



Getting Started - Open Millennium

At the top of the screen, click on Admin and scroll to Clear Initials.  Then select Set Initials.  Type in your personal user name and password.   

  • Click on Course Reserves (this will be a picture of a clock with Course Reserves below) from the menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Log into the Reserves database.  Go to  Enter the user name and the password.



    Processing a Course List

    1.     In the Reserves Database, select the appropriate quarter from the drop-down box, then click on View Requests.

    2.     Click on Manage Book Requests.  Open the course list in the Reserves Database by selecting Edit on the right-hand side of the screen.  Lists that have not been processed yet will appear with a blue “New” label on the list of book requests.

    3.     Verify the call numbers and availability of the requested materials: 

                                        i.         Search first in Scotty/Millennium either by title, author, or call number using the information submitted in the request.           

                                      ii.         Check that any Library holdings match exactly to the requested material.  This usually involves verifying the edition/publishing date of the book, as follows:  

    1. In the Search/Holds mode, view the Library holdings by double-clicking on the item after a search is performed.  This will list all copies that the Library owns.
    2. Select View (the icon will have a paper with an eye) from the top menu.
    1. The bibliographic/MARC record will be displayed.  The edition number will be listed under the 250 tag.  If no edition is listed, the item is usually the first edition.  Close the record when you are done.


    4.    If the Library does not own a copy of the book, type “Order” in the Note field in the item request.  For example:  “Order-12/01/06 (cr)”.  Write down the confirmation number of the course and give to the Reserves staff member in charge of ordering new books.


    5.     When each call number is verified, type the call number in the UCR Call Number field if the professor did not provide it.  Note the holdings of the book in the Holdings field, and change the Copies field if necessary.  Also mark in the Notes section the location of the book (sstk, sresm, rstk, or scir) and if it is checked out and will need to be recalled:




    Holdings should appear as follows: 

    4c. + 4cd (indicates we have 4 copies and 4 CD-ROMs)
    +2 PER (indicates the Library owns a copy and we have two personal copies)
    SREF (item is at reference)
    Leave blank if there is only one library copy.

    6.     For books that are available in the stacks, write down the following information on a 3x5 card: the call number, if there is more than one copy, if any CD-ROMs are also available, the class for which the material will be on Reserve, and the checkout time.  These cards will be used later to pull the materials from the stacks.  Do not make these page cards for books that are already on Reserve.  For Orbach Science Library, file in call number order in the grey Page Cards box on the Reserves supply desk.  For classes with large requests list, you can print the list to pull books instead of making cards.   

    7.     For books that are already on reserve, add the title, call number, and class to the "Books that Stay on Reserve" list in the reserves shared drive.




    Creating a Course Record

    new course

    1.     Select New from the top of the screen in Course Reserves.  This is the icon with a piece of notebook paper and an orange flower.  




    2.  From the  Add a New Record - New COURSE screen, select the appropriate template for the quarter. 



    *Once you have created the first course record, the template for that course will be defaulted when another course record is created in the same session of Millennium.




    3.  When prompted, enter the professor's last name and first initial under PROF/TA and click Next when finished.  You will be prompted to enter another PROF/TA.  If there is only one professor, click Next to continue, otherwise enter the name of the second professor.

    For example: Jones, B.



    course 1 



    4.     Next, enter the abbreviated name of the course.  For example: PLPA 202.  Click Next when finished.  Use the abbreviation listed in the UCR Schedule of Classes. 


    course 2 

    The full name of the course should be entered in the next field.  Enter course names in mixed case as shown. 



    5.     If the course is cross-listed, enter the name of the cross-listed class.  For cross-listed classes, the first course listing should be the course more associated with the class title. For example, if a course is listed as BIOL/ENTM 162, and the title of the course is Insect Behavior, ENTM 162 should be listed as the first class.  
         -You may determine if a course is cross-listed by looking in the UCR Schedule of Classes online.


    6.  Enter a course note (COUR NOTE) when prompted.  The note should indicate the quarter.  For example:
       Winter 2012 
       Spring 2012
       Summer 2011


    7.     When all information is correct, click SavePlease see below for adding other appropriate Course Notes as necessary. 



    Recalling Books for Reserve

    1.     Most books for reserve will be recalled by a set date before the beginning of the quarter, to be determined by the Reserve Coordinator.  After this date, all books requested for reserve that are checked out must be recalled immediately.

    2.     Books that are checked out to ILL should be recalled up to two months before the beginning of the quarter. 

    3.     Recall books as follows:

                                        i.         Search for the item record of the item you wish to recall in the Search/Holds mode of Millennium.

    hold button

    ii.         Highlight the item, then click on Hold Selected Item near the middle of the screen.






    iii.         You will be prompted to search for a patron.  Use the Reserves card, named either "Rivera Reserve Services Hold" or "Science Reserves Services."  You may also scan the barcode of the card, if available.

    iv.   The Place an Item-level Hold window will appear.  The pcikup location should be defaulted to your home library.  Insert a hold note with the quarter, instructor, class, and checkout time.  For example: W11 Prof. Smith CS 008 - 2HRS.  Click OK when finished.  In the next window, click "Recall item with a due date of..."  Remember to mark the item as recalled in the reserves database.





    Adding (Attaching) Items to a Course

    1.     In the course record, click on Add Items.



    2.     Process items per the subsequent Processing Checklists/instructions:


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