Processing Personal Copies of Books

Processing Personal Copies of Books


  1. Assign a call number to the book.  The call number must match any copies of the book that are owned by the Library.  If the Library does not own a copy of the book, check inside the book (under Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data on the reverse side of the title page) for the Library of Congress call number, Melvyl, or the Library of Congress website for the call number.
  2. If the Library owns any copies of the same book, they must be pulled from the stacks or recalled and attached to the course. 
  3. Create a spine label with the assigned call number for the book, following Circulation procedures for creating spine labels.  For example:




  1. Affix colored tape around the spine.  
  2. Affix a barcode on the front outside cover in the upper-left corner.  Process the book in Millennium.  A new bibliographic record must be created; do not use the bibliographic record of any Library-owned copies of the book.  Please refer to Keying a Bibliographic Record to create a new bibliographic record.
  3. If the book has been on Reserve before and you find a bibliogrpahic record that has been created by reserves, simply insert the new barcode number in the item record, or update the item record as necessary.
  4. Attach the book to the course record.  Please refer to Processing Library-Owned Books
  5. Shelve in the Reserves collection. 
  6. If there is a CD-ROM inside the book, it must be noted on the book and in the item record:

a.    Affix a label on the front cover of the book reading "ONE CD-ROM IN POCKET"

b.   Add the following message to the item record of the book: "ONE CD-ROM IN POCKET"







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