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How To Select and Export Records from Scotty

Need to take information from Scotty away with you? Use "Export" to select records and email, print, or save them for later use.

Selecting records

In the column labeled "Mark" on the "Results" pages:
  1. Click in the checkbox to the left of each citation you wish to save

  2. On each screen of results click Save Marked Records
    • Click Save All On Page to save all the records

  3. Click Export Saved List to review/download records
    • The option appears after you save records

 (View/Export Marked Records)
Num 1
TITLES (1-12 of 18)
1 University Of California Riverside Academic Plan To 1970
2 University Of California Riverside Affirmative Action Plan With
3 University Of California Riverside Alumni Directory
4 University Of California Riverside Alumni Directory 50 Year Deluxe
... ... ...
12 University Of California Riverside Library News
 (View/Export Marked Records)
Exporting/Downloading Records

Starting at the bottom, work clockwise on the "Exported list" page:
  1. (Optional) Make the final selection of records in the Your List of Saved Records at the bottom of the screen

  2. Choose a record format in the Format of List column
    • Full and Brief display control how much of the record will be downloaded.
    • Pro-Cite and End-Note format the records for input for those bibliographic citation programs
    • MARC formats the records by including the underlying field notations

Format Of List
Send List To
Full Display
Brief Display
Mail To:
Local Disk
Your List of Saved Records
Num Mark Exports (1-2 of 2) Year
1 University Of California Riverside Alumni Directory 1981
2 University of California Riverside - Alumni Directory, 50 ye 2003
  1. Choose a download method from the Send List To column:
  • To E-mail records:
    1. Click the button next to E-mail in the "Send List To" column
    2. Enter your complete email address, i.e., name@ucr.edu
    3. Change the Subject if desired
    4. Click Submit
  • To Print records:
    1. Click the button next to "Screen" in the Send List To column
    2. Click Submit to format the output on a new screen
    3. Print using the printing options of your browser
  • To Download records
    1. Insert your floppy disk in the a: drive of the computer
    2. Click the button next to Local Disk
    3. Click Submit
    4. Click Save on the next popup menu
    5. Enter the file name

If you have questions or need help, ask a Reference Librarian.

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