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Searching for Materials Written in Different Languages

The UCR Library Catalog lists materials in over 300 languages. The following are hints for searching authors, persons as subjects, and titles written in different languages.

To retrieve all relevant records, try using several strategies.

Author Searches or People as Subject Searches

  • Type surname first, followed by first name(s). If you don't know the part of the name which is identified as the surname, try different combinations.
    Examples: Jose Toribio Medina (search as Medina, Jose Toribio)
                      Roman Pina Chan (search as Pina Chan, Roman)
  • Search surnames with or without apostrophes and other punctuation.
  • For surnames with abbreviations, try the full word or its abbreviated form.
    Judith St. George can be found by searching St. George or Saint George.
                     Antoine de Saint-Exupery cannot be found by searching St. Exupery.

Title Searches

  • Initial articles such as A, An, and The and their foreign language counterparts (Une, Le, Ein) are usually disregarded by the system.
    Example: La Comida Mexicana (search Comida Mexicana or La Comida Mexicana)
  • Internal articles are significant and must be keyed.
    Example: Histoire de la vie privee will not be retrieved by keying Histoire vie privee in a TITLE search.

To limit to material written in a partcular language, Select Modify Search and then under Language select the language you are interested in.

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