UCR Borrow-a-Laptop Polices and Guidelines

UCR Borrow-a-Laptop Polices and Guidelines

Checking Out and Renewals

  • Users must have a current UCR Card or Library card.
  • Laptop checkouts round to the nearest 3 hrs. Laptops checked out 30 minutes after the hour will round up, and laptops checked out 30 minutes before the hour will round down.
  • Laptops are loaned on a first-come, first-served basis and may not be reserved in advance.  However, if they are all checked out, a hold may be placed on the next available one. 
  • Laptops may not be borrowed overnight. Laptop borrowing ceases 30 minutes prior to the scheduled Circulation/Reserve Desk closing time.
  • Laptops may be renewed if there are no other users waiting. In order to renew, you must bring the laptop with all peripherals and accessories to the Circulation/Reserve Desk prior to the due time.
  • Equipment malfunctions or failures, loss or damage must be reported immediately upon discovery to the Circulation/Reserve Desk.

Checking In

  • When the laptop is returned, Library staff will ensure equipment and peripherals are undamaged and in good working order.
  • The laptop and all peripherals must be handed to the Circulation/Reserve Desk Staff.  Users should allow up to 10 minutes for the staff member to check in and verify the equipment upon return.
  • Failure to return the laptop on time will result in overdue fines; If the equipment is damaged or lost while on loan, the user will incur charges based on the Laptop Damage Rate Chart.

Overdue/Damage Charges

Laptops that are returned late are assessed overdue charges of $14 for the first hour or any portion thereof and $10 for each additional hour or portion thereafter.  A maximum of $2000 is assessed if the laptop is not returned. Damage caused by general wear-and-tear will not be charged to the user; however damage incurred from negligence or abuse will result in charges based on the Laptop Damage Rate Chart.

Saving and Printing Your Work

Files cannot be saved to the hard drive.  To save your work, use a USB key/flash drive (you can purchase one in the vending machines in the Rivera or Orbach Science Libraries), or other web storage sites.  Save your data often.   All files are purged when the computer is shut down.  At this time, printing is not available from the laptops.

Technical Assistance

If you have any questions or need technical assistance, please contact the Circulation/Reserve Desk who will help or refer.

Laptop Damage Rate Chart

The following chart outlines some common damages and their corresponding charges. General wear-and-tear kinds of deterioration will not be charged to the user, only damages incurred from negligence or abuse. Damage costs will be discussed with the user prior to charging his or her account.  Please report problems with the laptop or peripherals to the Circulation/Reserve Desk immediately upon discovery.


Heavily damaged. Approximately $1800 - $2000 based on current market cost.
Failure to return. Approximately $1800 - $2000 based on current market cost.
Intentional vandalism (i.e.scratching or inking text or pictures or other malicious damage). Approximately $1800 - $2000 based on current market cost.
Display hinge broken or inoperable. $100 - $500 based on severity.
Major dents, cracks or scratches that impair operation. $100 - $500 based on severity.
Missing/broken power cord or A/C adapter. $40
Broken USB, Network, VGA or Power Port. $200 - $700 depending on severity and whether the entire motherboard has to be replaced.
Missing or broken keys. Liquid, food or gum on the keyboard, touchpad, or case. $10 - $200 depending on severity (replacement of parts).
Missing carrying case. $60
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