Electronic Reserve Guidelines for Faculty

Electronic Reserve Guidelines for Faculty

General Description
Submitting Materials for E-Reserves
How to Access E-Reserves
Copyright Guidelines

General Description

Electronic Reserves provides web access to course-related readings and other materials selected by a professor. These documents are available only to UCR students enrolled in the class. Materials posted may include, but are not limited to, any of the following:

  • Lecture notes and presentations
  • Practice exams and exercises
  • Homework solutions

For the following items, if they are under copyright protection, the library will attempt to secure copyright permission from publishers or the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) as needed.

  • Journal articles
  • Book chapters

A minimum of 4 days should be allowed by faculty for the libraries to apply for copyright permission.

E-Reserve materials are in PDF format.  To view and print E-Reserve materials, you need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.  Adobe Reader is free software for viewing and printing Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files.  You can download the latest version by clicking the following button.

To print course PDF materials at home, you need an image-capable printer.

Submitting Materials for E-Reserves

Materials may be submitted using the online Faculty List Request Form.  Once submitted, these materials are processed by staff in the order they are received and made available electronically only to students enrolled in the class.  E-Reserves are removed from the system at the end of each quarter.

Faculty must provide a course password to Reserve Staff as well as students in their class for secured access to E-Reserve material.  In maintaining the security and authentication process of the E-Reserve database, we ask that course passwords not be documented on your syllabus.

Faculty are encouraged to submit E-Reserve materials in an electronic format.  Guidelines for paper submissions:

  • Copyrighted materials will not be accepted without a complete citation.
  • Materials must be on 8.5 x 11 inch white paper, with two-inch margins.
  • Materials must be legible.
  • Materials must be copied straight and not slanted; all words along the margins must be complete.



How to Access E-Reserves

Materials are accessible at Only UCR students enrolled in a class with materials on E-Reserves have access to the materials posted. The E-Reserves web site requires a password for each course, as well as the UCR NetID and password. The course password will be provided by the professor or teaching assistant upon submission of material and should only be given to students in the class. Students accessing the materials must have the course password provided by the professor for the class.


Copyright Guidelines

With reference to "fair use" as discussed in sections 107 and 108 of copyright law, Reserve Services specifically considers the four specified factors with regard to any material submitted for E-Reserves:

  • the purpose of the use
  • the nature of the work submitted
  • the amount of the overall work used
  • the effect of its use upon the potential market

Given these guidelines in combination with our working practice, Reserve Services has produced an approach that acknowledges and works with the law while still providing the greatest possible assistance to faculty and instructors.

All submissions are presumed to be for instructional use only. In order to ensure that the fair use policy is followed, only UCR students enrolled in a specific class are allowed to read, print or download E-Reserve documents.

All submissions from formally published sources -- books, journals, newspapers and related media -- must be accompanied with a complete citation. This citation can be in any format the instructor prefers, but must contain this basic information: book or journal title, author(s), title of article or chapter, publisher, location of publication, volume, page numbers, and copyright date.  Material will not be accepted without this information.

Entire contents of a book or journal issue will not be accepted for E-Reserves. The current working standard is to scan no more than 50% of the text or journal issue.

A course packet that is published by UCR Printing and Reprographics will not be accepted for E-Reserves. Informal course packets created by the professor for student use can be scanned in their entirety if the materials are presented to Reserve Services according to published guidelines for E-Reserves.

All published materials used for a specific course by a professor can only be placed on E-Reserves once under the 'fair use' guideline. Subsequent usage of these copyrighted materials for the same course by the same faculty member will require permission from the publisher. Please contact us if you would like us to request copyright permission.

In accepting photocopies for E-Reserve use, the Library considers that the copies have been made in compliance with the Fair Use Provisions of Section 107 of the Federal Copyright Act of 1976.

Questions? Please contact:

Tomás Rivera Library
Reserve Services
(951) 827-3235
Orbach Science Library
Reserve Services
(951) 827-3511
Music Library
Reserve Services
(951) 827-3137


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