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Buffalo Soldiers

General Benjamin O. Davis, Sr. commanded the Buffalo Soldiers in World War II. He was the father of Colonel Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., who headed the Tuskegee Airmen. The Special Collections and Archives department at the University of California, Riverside does not own primary source materials regarding the Buffalo Soldiers. Please consult the following websites for additional information:

Buffalo Soldiers, http://www.buffalosoldiers-lawtonftsill.org/history.htm

Buffalo Soldiers National Museum, http://www.buffalosoldiermuseum.com/

Presidio of San Francisco Buffalo Soldiers, http://www.nps.gov/prsf/historyculture/buffalo-soldiers.htm 

Wikipedia's Buffalo Soldiers entry, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buffalo_Soldier



African Americans have played an instrumental role in the United States Armed Forces for over two centuries. Please consult the following website for additional information:

African Americans in the U.S. Army, http://www.army.mil/africanamericans/main_content.html


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