University of California Art Bibliographers’ Group

University of California Art Bibliographers’ Group

Annual Report for 2004-2005

Daniel Goldstein, chair


Judith Hershman, UCLA, the longstanding chair of this group retired in 2004.  We miss her leadership.  In Fall, 2004, Daniel Goldstein, agreed to chair the Group.  He is being succeeded by Ellen Corrigan, effective Fall, 2005.


There is significant turnover among Art librarians in the system.  In addition to Judy Hershman, the other UCLA Art librarian has also left and UCI’s Rina Vecchiola has departed—we look forward to meeting their replacements.  Krista Ivy has assumed responsibility for Art at UCR as of July 1, 2005.


The group engaged in two main activities this year.


1. It evaluated the database ARTstor and submitted a report assessing the database and addressing the collection development issues it raises to the CDC in December, 2004.


2.  It held a 3-day meeting in July 2005 in Berkeley and Oakland.  (All member campuses except UCSD were represented).  For one day, the group met by itself, the other two days it met in joint session with the UC Visual Resources Group; several CDL people attended portions of the meeting, as did Joan Ariel, representing the UC Shared Print Collections Program.  In all, approximately 30 people were in attendance.


The outcomes of this meeting included the following:

1. Commitment to meet annually in the Spring.

2. Ellen Corrigan, UCSB has agreed to chair the group, effective Fall, 2005.

3. Commitment to build a new web page for the group.

4. Decision to evaluate the CSA interfaces to 3 Art Databases and report our conclusions and make recommendations about them to CDC in Fall, 2005.

5. Identification of three potential shared collection project on which to collaborate with Joan Ariel and the Shared Print Collections Program.

6.  Decision not to undertake a last copy journal project at this time.  We will continue to consult and attempt to coordinate our decisions when it is necessary to cancel journal subscriptions.

7. Comparison and evaluation of three image presentation software options.  Those provided by ARTstor, LunaInsight, and Almagest.

8. Significant enhancement of the group’s understanding of the issues associated with and implications of the UC Image Service as they pertain to UC Art Librarians.

9.  Addition of Emily Lin as our first UCM member.

10. Commitment to continue to work closely with the visual resources personnel.

11. Review and determination of status of previous initiatives.

12. Discussion and comparison of different art approval/gathering plans.


Ongoing Activities:

Members of the group serving as resource liaisons this past year include:


Susan Moon                 Art Full Text and Art Index Retrospective

Susan Koskinen            Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals

Christine Bunting           Bibliography of the History of Art

Christine Bunting           Harthill Photo Collection

Christine Bunting           Index to Nineteenth Century Art Periodicals

Daniel Goldstein           Project Muse

Christine Bunting           Saskia

Christine Bunting           SCIPIO


Tier Two Contact People

Ellen Corrigan                           ArtBibliographies Modern

Judith Herschman                     Index to Christian Art  

Judith Herschman                     Grove Dictionary of Art


Changes in Resource Liaisons/Contacts:

1) Christine Bunting is no longer serving as liaison to the Luna/Insight hosted databases as CDL no longer requires liaisons for them.

2) The Group has nominated Krista Ivy to take over resource contact responsibility for ArtBibliographies Modern.

3) New contact people are needed for the Grove Dictionary of Art and the Index to Christian Art as Judith Herschman has retired.

4) Susan Moon is stepping down as liaison to Art-Full Text/Art Index.


Three members of the Group--Goldstein, Moon, and Lin--serve as their campuses representatives on the Image Services Rollout and Advisory Committee which reports to HOPS.



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