to:             Collection Development Committee (Lucia Snowhill, Chair)

from:         Ellen Corrigan, Art Bibliographers Group Chair 2005-2006

date:          July 31, 2006

cc:             Art Bibliographers Group


University of California Art Bibliographers Group

Annual Report 2005-2006



Membership changes


Two new members joined the group: Robert Gore, Librarian for Architecture, Art, Art History, and Design, UCLA Arts Library (Sept. 2005); and Lia Friedman, Instruction and Outreach Librarian, UCSD Arts Libraries (Apr. 2006).


Leslie Abrams (UCSD) will take over as Chair, effective Fall 2006.



Activities during 2005-2006


Avery & BHA Vendor Transition

Coordinated by Susan Koskinen (UCB) and Susan Jurist (UCSD), members of the group evaluated several vendors for the Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals and Bibliography of the History of Art (BHA) databases.  The evaluation resulted in a transition from RLG to CSA effective July 1, 2006.  The switch to CSA has several advantages for users, not the least of which is cross-database searching.


Shared Print Collection Projects

Subcommittees began to investigate potential shared collection projects, proposed at the July 2005 meeting, on which to collaborate with the CDL Shared Print Program:

  1. Video art The group decided against pursuing the wholesale purchase of the Video Data Bank catalog as a means of expanding video art holdings.  Subcommittee: Lorelei Tanji (UCI), Christine Bunting (UCSC), and Leslie Abrams (UCSD).
  2. Early California art and architecture journals The goal is to make digital preservation copies of and provide open access to rare but essential journals on California architecture published prior to 1923, with XML encoding to enhance indexing and access.  The subcommittee has identified 22 titles and has begun to inventory missing or damaged issues in the UC Libraries.  Subcommittee: Elizabeth Byrne (UCB) and Susan Koskinen (UCB).
  3. Monographic series The subcommittee began to compile a list of high volume, low use series.  Subcommittee: Kathryn Wayne (UCB), assisted by Judith Herschman (UCLA, retired), with Joan Ariel (CDL, retired).


The Image Services Rollout Advisory Committee (ISRAC), which reported to HOPS, concluded in Apr. 2006.  The committee was co-chaired by Emily Lin (UCI), with Dan Goldstein (UCD) and Susan Moon (UCSB) also serving as campus representatives.


The UC Image Service Listserv, moderated by Lena Zentall (CDL), was established in Nov. 2005 as a means to facilitate communication between UC Visual Resource Curators and Art Librarians.


As another means of communication and documentation within the Art Bibliographers Group, Krista Ivy (UCR) created and maintains the group's website at



Ongoing activities


Resource Liaisons

Members of the group serving as resource liaisons this past year include:


Vicki Bloom (UCR) has volunteered to become the resource liaison for Grove Dictionary of Art (Tier 2).  At present, the following resources do not have liaisons: Index to Christian Art (Tier 2); SCIPIO.



Goals and objectives for 2006-2007


The group plans to continue pursuing shared collections projects in the coming year.


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