Elegant Memo

to: UC Joint Steering Committee for Shared Collections

from: Leslie Abrams, Art Bibliographers Group Chair 2006-7

date: August 15, 2007

cc: UC Art Bibliographers Group

University of California Art Bibliographers Group

Annual Report 2006-7


Membership changes


Leslie Abrams (UCSD) assumed role as Chair, effective Fall 2006.


Activities during 2006-7


         Early California Art and Architecture Journals Digitization Project update Under the leadership of Elizabeth Byrne (UCB), an updated project proposal was shared with the group and discussed during our meeting at the ARLIS/NA Atlanta conference. Suggestions were provided from the group for further developing the proposal.


         Dan Goldstein (UCD) led the effort to add the National Palace Museum Image Database http://www.culturalcafe.com/gallery_main.htm via insight which was supported by the UC Art Group.


         Individuals in the group participated in discussions leading to the recommendation that UC license ARTstor http://www.artstor.org/info , including using ARTstor as a platform for shared image collections.


         Members of the Group met during the ARLIS/NA Annual conference in Atlanta in May 2007.


Ongoing activities


Resource Liaisons

Members of the group serving as resource liaisons this past year include:

  • Dan Goldstein (UCD) - Project MUSE
  • Krista Ivy (UCR) - Art Bibliographies Modern (Tier 2)
  • Susan Jurist (UCSD) - Bibliography of the History of Art; Index to 19th-Century American Art Periodicals
  • Susan Koskinen (UCB) - Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals
  • Susan Moon (UCSB) - Art Index Retrospective, Art Full Text
  • Vicki Bloom (UCR) Grove Art Online (Tier 2).
  • The following resources do not have liaisons: Design and Applied Arts Index (Tier 2), Index to Christian Art (Tier 2); SCIPIO.
  • ARTstor: establishing a set of liaisons for each campus for ARTstor is still in process, but the following UC Art Bibliographer Group members served in 2007:

Kathryn Wayne (UCB), Robert Gore (UCLA), Dan Goldstein (UCD)



Goals and objectives for 2007-8


1.      Complete JSCSC Survey, identifying new or expanding access to existing licensed resources of high priority to the arts.


2.      Do a call for resource liaisons for unclaimed titles: DAAI (Tier 3), Index to Christian Art (Tier 2); SCIPIO.


3.      Plan a fall 2007 meeting for the Art Bibliographer Group at one of the UC campuses.



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