GARLIC minutes 4/96

April 28, 1996 meeting at Miami Beach, ARLIS/NA Conference.

UCSART+ Meeting at Miami Beach ARLIS/NA Conference - April 28, 1996

Lyn Korenic (UCSB)-coordinator, Susan Lentz (UCSB), Ann Gilbert (UCB), Elizabeth Byrne (UCB), Leslie Abrams (UCSD), Susan Jurist (UCSD), Alex Ross (Stanford), Amy Ciccone (USC), Jeanne Roberts (Getty), Judith Herschman (UCLA), Lorelei Tanji (UCI)--notetaker

1. Welcome to new members: Getty & USC

2. Group Coordinator

-Thanks to outgoing coordinator Ray Reece for a splendid job these past two years!!!

-The coordinator will be a rotating position every two years.

3. Honoring Bill Treese

-UCSB has begun a memorial fund to support UCSB's collection of artexhibition catalogues in honor of Bill Treese.

-Lyn will make an announcement at the ARLIS/NA Membership Meeting

-UCSART+ members made a few comments & suggestions:
a. Susan Jurist suggested that as a group we could purchase an expensive item in his honor
b. Another suggestion was to create a "Technology Inspirational Award" in his name; another suggestion was to send an announcement to UC Focus
c. Since Bill was well-known throughout the UC library system, we agree to submit a notice to our *local* LAUClistservs (not everyone is a subscriber to the systemwide LAUC listserv)

4. Auction Catalogs--Brainstorming session on how to continue adding to
this collection.

-Lyn thanked the participating campuses who provided one-time monies for this year in support of the auction catalogs.

-For the benefit of the new members & for further discussion, Lyn will email the group a list of the auction house publications selected in the past & their profiles (excluding prints, furniture, Japanese, Pre-Columbian, etc.)

-One suggestion was to reduce the collection of auction houses to just Sotheby's and Christies'

-Judith H. suggested that the Fowler Museum may be a source for non-Western art auction house catalogs

-Alex R. mentioned that Stanford spends approximately $3500-4000 on auction house catalogs per year; they are not listed in Socrates, but Stanford would be willing to interlibrary loan these items (additional information from Alex)

-Amy indicated USC sometimes receives auction catalogs as gifts

-Getty has a broad collection of auction houses accessible via SCIPIO;they may even receive duplicate copies; Anne-Mieke Halbrook (Head of Research Services, Getty Center) will be contacting Lyn concerning the availability of Getty auction catalog duplicates.

-UCSB has not been invited to catalog auction catalogs on SCIPIO (other than the Knoedler collection); they have 20,000+ auction catalogs and are investigating the feasibility of providing access to this large collection

-Lyn has contacted Helen Goldenberg of Sotheby's to see if we could getsome free catalogs in certain categories, but so far--no success

-Other regional libraries may collect auction catalogs: LACMA, Beverly Hills Public Library, other public libraries.

-Getty has access to ArtFact and there are other art sales electronic resources; alternative access resources to consider

-Web sites for auction houses do not provide sales information; mainly serve to publicize the sale of their catalogs

-CRL has backfiles of Sotheby's and perhaps other auction houses, but it is not certain whether they would approve a proposal to collect current catalogs on an ongoing basis

5. UCSART+ Web Site

Susan Jurist volunteered to create a web site for our group. From this site we could provide
6. Mini-SCAP

-For the benefit of new members, the Mini-SCAP and SCAP programs weredescribed.

-96/97 fiscal year, only the AEC proposal was approved

-Lyn encourages us all to keep sending her titles. In addition to the titles we suggest, Brian Gold (Worldwide Books) is aware of this projectand is letting Lyn know when potential titles become available

-In addition to current AEC titles, it was suggested we try to fill gaps in our collections of op AECs from traditionally underrepresented artists; Susan Jurist volunteered to help search op catalogs; it was also suggested we contact Karno's firm for getting Latin American op sources; perhaps also check Ray Anne Lockard's bibliography of gay/lesbian sources to see if we are missing any titles systemwide

-Mini-SCAPs should be requests for expensive items rather than as a supplements to local funding cuts; the issue of providing local funds to a proposal needs clarification (is this optional or a requirement for each proposal?)--perhaps Stella can clarify this particular guideline for the group

-Some of the AULS for Collections have suggested to us that we need to do more cooperative resource-sharing activities beyond Mini-SCAP proposals and to document thoroughly any cooperative activities we are doing already; resource-sharing can be done regionally, as well as systemwide.

7. Update on Projects:

a. Serials Cancellation

-Several campuses will be cancelling serials for fiscal year 95/96 (Stanford, UCLA, UCI, UCSB)

-Our serials agreement project is still ongoing. We described to the new members how we are trying to retain single copies of specific journals within the system by first identifying serials that are held by 4 or fewer campuses and then by making commitments to retain them for a specified number of years (e.g. Serials Memorandum of Agreement). It was suggested that we form a small task force to help Ray in this project; perhaps this taskforce could investigate if there are easier more automated ways to collect and sort this data.

b. Catalogue Raisonnes--Identification issue (collection development & reference ramifications)

-Ray has been creating a list of catalogue raisonnes; he has been tagging catalogue raisonnes in ORION records (especially those without the "CR"words in the titles); since the field where these tags occur is not searchable in a public mode, perhaps Ray could periodically send his list to Susan Jurist to be listed on the soon-to-be UCSART+ web site

-Jeanne Roberts reports that the Getty is doing something similar; they have approx 200 records with tags for CRs; contact Karen Lanzoni (Technical Services)

-Elizabeth Byrne suggested that architects be included in this CR identification project [Ray later reported on email that he has been including architects]

8. Electronic Resources

a. Art Index on Z39.50

There are some technical problems with searching Art Index on Melvyl; Elizabeth & Lorelei will draft a memo and will forward this to DLA & the User Services Group for consideration

b. Suggesting BHA as new Melvyl database.
Elizabeth suggested that our group forward this proposal to the Computer Files Committee--this is quite timely since BHA will be on RLIN as a Citadel database. Campuses that will be ordering the BHA cd-rom are: UCSB, UCSD, USC, UCB, Stanford

c. Sharing information on new CD-ROM acquisitions. We can do this both on the UCSART-L listserv and on the soon-to-be UCSART+ web site. For example the Getty Center Resources Collections homepage is in progress. When the page is fully functional, it may include a list of reference cd-rom titles they have available to scholars on-site (e.g. no web access).

d. Sharing user guides to CD-ROMs
-Lyn shared UCSB guides with the group; it was suggested that others bring copies to share at the next meeting
-We can also put them on the UCSART+ web site and forward them to Jeanne Brown's "Electronic Clearinghouse Art/Architecture" or LOEX Clearinghouse of Library Instruction Materials

9. Faculty Interests List--How to update
[We didn't get to this agenda item, but it was suggested that we begin linking any faculty Web pages to our consortium's web site.]

10. Mid-year Meeting
UCSD has offered to host the next UCSART+ meeting sometime in the Fall--date to be determined.

11. New members in group--role, new name?
It was suggested that we create a new name for the group. One suggestion was: Art Research Libraries of California. Discussion to be continued. [GARLIC or Gallery of Art Research Library in California suggested by Susan Jurist via listserv]

12. Art book prices--Should we be tracking?; How to gather information?
There was not time to discuss this fully, but Amy suggested that the ARLIS/NA Strategic Plan might address this in part.

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