GARLIC minutes 4/97

Minutes of GARLIC

(Gallery of Art Research Libraries in California)

ARLIS/NA Annual Conference - San Antonio

7 April 1997


Present: Leslie Abrams (UCSD), Peter Blank (Stanford), Amy Ciccone (USC), Jeanette Clough (Getty), Ann Gilbert (UCB-retired), Susan Jurist (UCSD), Lyn Korenic (UCSB, GARLIC coordinator), Maryly Snow (UCB), Lorelei Tanji (UCI), Al Willis (UCLA)

1. Lyn welcomed the group. The session began with a presentation by Maryly Snow on her experience digitizing the Architecture Slide Collection at UCB where 20,000 slides are digitized (with 180,000 to go!). She noted that it is often easier to negotiate permissions rather than contracts. Her method is to initiate contact with vendors to get permission to digitize slides and then proceed to negotiate the conditions. Vendors typically limit use to a specified audience and number of institutions, but Maryly is working to get vendors to rethink these limitations. Her goal is to digitize her entire slide collection and make it available to all to view without restrictions.

The 8-bit resolution thumbnail digitized images act as a finding aid to the actual slide. Some images will carry a red "c" (copyright symbol) as a favor for vendors, but in effect all the images are copyrighted. Negotiable factors with vendors: file resolution, who the users are, the number of users, the number of workstations, cost, etc. Maryly emphasized that they are buying both the slide and rights to its digital image from vendors, not just acquiring their digital images.

Maryly made reference to a recent UC Faculty Grant awarded jointly to UCI, UCR, and UCB to digitize the Greek and Roman architecture slides they own the rights to, making them more widely available within the UC system.

2. Serials Task Force: Discussion centered on new ideas suggested by this task force: access to electronic serials/resources (free and for-a-fee; acquisition of new print serials among GARLIC libraries; sharing information about serials cancellations; monographic series (retaining one subscriptions among GARLIC libraries); integrity of regional library facility copies for preservation purposes. The previous project to make 3-year commitments for retaining serials is being re-evaluated due to problems with ongoing serials cancellations. While the group only had time to present these new ideas at our meeting, we will continue to discuss them this year.

3. Electronic Resources Task Force: Activities of this group center on improving access to Art Index, either through improvements of Art Index via Z39.50 MELVYL or via Art Abstracts now available on the Web. Several campuses are testing Art Abstracts and will report back to the group. The group also plans to test BHA on Eureka during a trial period that will be extended to UC as a whole. The group will be evaluating this important database and making a recommendation to the Computer Files Committee. Susan Jurist continues to update the GARLIC website. It has been suggested that this site be used for serials cancellation lists.It was also announced that FRANCIS (the Humanities and Social Sciences counterpart to PASCAL, strong in the sciences) just came out on CD-ROM. FRANCIS is strong in archeology, classical history, and philosophy and includes BHA.

4. Catalogue Raisonne Task Force: The group working on this project made contact with several museum libraries for information on similar projects and/or handling of this material. A next step will be to propose a procedure for this project and look into possible funding (LAUC research grant, for example). Leslie Abrams referred us to the good entry on this subject in the Dictionary of Art. It was suggested that the Frick might be contacted regarding our project. All agreed that it is better to enhance the 600 rather than the 900 fields.

5. Auction Catalog Task Force: Lyn Korenic reported that she continues to sort the large auction catalog gift. Most duplicates are being sent to USC.


6. Collaborative Collection Development Task Force: Duplicate materials continue to be shared regularly. Al Willis suggested that we look at the category of University Press materials in terms of shared resources. However, the importance of this type of research material to all campuses was brought out as well as the fact that several campuses have blanket order plans established.


7. Other: Amy Ciccone, USC, mentioned that she is now in the Reference Dept. but will continue to do Art collection development. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) library (Deborah Barlow Smedstad is Art Librarian) was invited to join GARLIC. Deborah briefly attended the meeting before it adjourned.


--Lyn Korenic


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