GARLIC minutes 6/94

UC/S Art Librarians Meeting at ARLIS/NA Conference, Providence RI.

We met twice and welcomed two new members--Alfred Willis and Peter Blank.

Present: Christine Bunting (UCSD), Leslie Abrams (UCSD), Ray Reece (UCLA), Alfred Willis (UCLA), Ann Gilbert (UCB), Lyn Korenic (UCSB), Alex Ross (Stanford), Peter Blank (Stanford), and Lorelei Tanji (UCI).

FEBRUARY 14th--1st Meeting

1. Shared news from each campus:

--The Art & Architecture Library is now open. The physical move, planning, and opening for it went well. Unfortunately, the School of Architecture is suspended--most of the faculty redirected to UCB or UCLA. Despite this, the Art & Architecture Library reference desk receives many art and architecture-related questions.

They are planning a slide database system, possibly mapping to MARC. They are thinking about scanning/digitizing projects--having Innopaq linking images (Ray suggested contacting Berge Aran--UCLA Architecture/Urban Planning slide curator--as a source of information on digitizing slides).

Leslie has taken on additional bibliographer duties: Theater & Film Studies.

Phyllis Mirsky (AUL Public Services) is the Acting AUL Collections, since George Soete took VERIP.

They are starting review and restructuring of the library organization.

Barbara Tillett (former Head of Cataloging) has left for a post as Head of Cataloging at Library of Congress.

Gerald Lowell (University Librarian) is now a Vice Chancellor overseeing the Media & Network operations on campus too. The Media Department's holdings may merge into the ROGER OPAC.

UCSC--Many retirements from VERIP have diminished the collection planning unit. They are down to two people: Christine Bunting and Martha Ramirez.

Christine has many diverse bibliographer duties (e.g. East Asian; Foreign Literature & Translations), in addition to her Visual Cultures assignment.

They are planning for an additional computer lab in 2 years.

Cancelling serials again. Hope for augmentation in arts due to cancellations in other areas. Holding back on approvals.

Innovative Interfaces contract is signed.

Slide database mapped to MARC already and will be mounted on Innopaq.

UCSB--Library has a LAN & librarians have 486 computers. They are loading their reference guides on the LAN--easy to update.

An electronic room was created with 30 microcomputers. Librarians teach a 4 unit class on undergraduate library research (Susan Lenz UCSB Arts Library has helped to teach this).

The library is renamed the Donald C. Davidson Library, after the first UCSB librarian.

Gov Pubs & Ref merged due to VERIPs--one reference desk. They are opening up the stacks to the Government Publications.

Re the Arts Library, one of their catalogers for the AEC collection took VERIP.

Due to no more SCAP funds, the auction catalogs $4500/yr were cancelled this year. Need to provide access to those catalogs on SCIPIO & MELVYL.

The UCSB Arts Library finished cataloging the Knoedler 12,000 auction catalogs on microform.

SCIPIO may come up on Eureka.

UCSB AECs are now on MELVYL (Thanks Lyn & Susan!)

There will be a serials cancellation.

UCLA: New unit head is Al Willis. Ray Soto has taken on the Humanities Bibliographer position. Brigitte Kueppers now covering for film/tv, as well as theater studies.

Dickson Art Center undergoing seismic renovation.

Some UCLA Arts CAGE materials sent to SRLF (non-circ.)--retrieved and viewed at the Arts Library.

UCLA has "L'Illustration" microfiche; print vols to SRLF.

They are creating a space for library instruction in the Arts Library.

UCB: Merger of Government Serials with Current Serials occurring.

Annex to the Doe Library stacks will be completed next summer.

Cancellation of serials imminent.

Curatorial assistants will help the bibliographers with second-level collection work (LAV & LAIV)


Portfolio--graphic user interface. Folio will have Art Index on disk; OCLC Z39.50 protocol

1600 linear feet compact shelving project was completed.

Green West Library renovation from 1989 earthquake is starting.

Mike Keller is the new director (formerly at UCB Music Library & former Harvard AUL for Collections)

Arts Library are interested in doing a photo-cd project that will support classes in lieu of photo slide sets. Christine Bunting suggested their Asian photo collection.

UCI: Undergoing organizational review of management structure in the libraries to be completed by July.

Planning move to the new Sciences Library building by summer.

Search for the Head of Special Collections & University Archives.

Serials cancellation planned for this fiscal year.

The new UCI Visual Resources Center Curator is Maureen Burns (formerly of the Getty Museum).

Studio Art developing in various new areas--high demand for artists' videotapes. Art History w/ Ph.D. through History Dept requiring more funds to enlarge collection. Recruiting a Japanese art historian.

FEBRUARY 15th--2nd Meeting

1. Serials project. Ray Reece facilitated a discussion of the Memorandum of Agreement and will solicit and incorporate any changes or additions to the wording.

During the Memorandum of Agreement discussion, the need for color copiers and fax machines for the Art & Architecture libraries was brought up w/ regard to document delivery and resource sharing between campuses--to be discussed further.

Ray volunteered to be the coordinator for the Serials Project. Please send to Ray: any new serials titles subscriptions, any cancellations of serials. In order to assist systemwide coverage, please send Ray any publication information on new serials titles that could be discussed by the group-at-large. The ARLIS Serials Round Table & Update column editor can also be a source for new serials information.

L. Tanji will try to speed up the inputting of the serials project list and distribute to campuses.

2. Art Exhibitions Catalog Project. Lyn Korenic distributed a list of the items purchased through this Mini-SCAP funding. She asks all campuses to forward suggestions of titles to her after first checking MELVYL to see if they are not owned by other campuses. They must fit the profile of the Mini-SCAP fund proposal (i.e. AECs by or about traditionally underrepresented ethnic and gender groups).

Please send potential AEC titles to Lyn, there is approximately $2500 available to spend by June 30th.

3. Lyn also distributed prior to the conference a list of the "Art & Architecture Faculty Interests", which reflects to some degree our collection strengths and areas that are being developed. A. Willis mentioned that he could supply a list of the UCLA architecture/urban faculty research interests for the next update.

4. Lyn also distributed a list of the UC/Stanford Special Collections descriptions. [Thanks Lyn for all the work compiling this information for the group!]

5. The group also discussed the catalogue raisonne project. This project would result in an important reference and collection development tool: titles to purchase, list of CRs that we own (union list), bibliography useful as a reference source for locating CRs of a particular artist (especially since CRs are not always indicated in the titles or subject headings). The group discussed starting small and focusing on what we have in the system first, but the usefulness of this on a larger scale was obvious.

Christine Bunting volunteered to start keeping a list of titles. The idea of applying for a LAUC Grant or an ARLIS Research Grant came up to assist in the online searching and compiling aspects of such a large project.
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