UC-Art Bibliographers meeting 7/14/05

UC Art Bibliographers meeting 7/14/05

Preservation Park, Oakland, CA


Members in attendance: Christine Bunting (UCSC), Elizabeth Byrne (UCB), Ellen Corrigan  (UCSB), Daniel Goldstein, Chair (UCD), Judith Herschman (UCLA), Sue Koskinen (UCB), Krista Ivy (UCR), Susan Moon (UCSB), Lorelie Tanji (UCI & JSC liaison), Kathryn Wayne (UCB)



Christine Bunting is the listserv moderator and asked the group to assess the current status of the listserv. She notified the group that because she has to approve each message before it can be posted to the list, there are times when a message is delayed. She would like the group to consider the following options for the future of the listserv:


a)      Continue with a moderated listserv which requires Christine to purge spam messages everyday and there is the possibility of messages being delayed

b)      Change the listserv to an unmoderated list which means the group could be flooded with spam

c)      Dissolve the listserv and make an informal email list for group communication


Action item: Dissolve listserv and use informal email lists to communicate amongst members



Krista Ivy volunteered to create and maintain a website for the group. It was recommended that she use materials from the GARLIC website that Susan Jurist created at http://aal.ucsd.edu/garlic. The website would include a roster of members, documentation of current and past projects, meeting minutes, and annual reports.


UC Art Bibliographers Group leadership

Dan Goldstein notified the group that he was resigning as chair and is seeking a volunteer to replace him. Lorelei Tanji thanked Dan for his hard work and efforts as Chair.

Ellen Corrigan is the new Art Bibliographers Group Chair


Annual meeting

The group decided to continue to meet annually. In January the group will begin to plan the meeting.


Database Resource Liaisons

Sue Koskinen gave a report of the UC resource liaison meeting. She offered to be the groups contact person with Wendy Parfrey.


Ellen Corrigan asked if anyone was interested in being a resource liaison for ABM and Krista Ivy offered to take over the responsibility. Susan Moon stated she was interested in finding a replacement for the Wilson Art databases.


Grove Dictionary of Art

Members expressed their frustration with the Dictionary of Art since Oxford University Press took over the database. It seems they have instigated steep price increases with little improvements. Dan Goldstein agreed to write a statement reflecting the groups concerns.



Avery, BHA, and DAAI databases

The group discussed the possibility of transferring subscriptions of Avery and BHA to CSA. Advantages for transferring to CSA:

a)      cross database searching

b)      better interface



a)      cost (currently CDL pays for RLG package, if transfer there will be new out-of-pocket costs

b)      no longer supporting RLG, a non-profit organization

c)      concern for the fate of smaller RLG databases SCIPIO and Index to 19th Century American Art Periodicals.


Elizabeth Byrne stated she has repeatedly conveyed her dissatisfaction with the databases to RLG. Dan expressed his frustration with all RLG products since the last enhancement. Sue Koskinen recommended that we seriously begin to investigate the transfer to CSA. The group was polled to see who was interested in DAAI; UCLA, UCD, UCB, and possibly UCSC, UCSB. Dan will look into organizing a tier 2 agreement on DAAI.

Action item: Dan will organize a system wide trial by password for Avery, BHA, and DAAI. All members agreed to evaluate the databases by September.



Judith Herschman illustrated ARTNET to the group. ARTNET was a recommendation to the CDL (CDC or JSC?) in 2002. It includes auction records, biographies, and images. Campuses interested in subscribing: UCB, UCLA, & UCSB.


Approval Plans

Worldwide approval plans was discussed. Most expressed dissatisfaction with the plans. UCLA has eliminated their plan. They purchase exhibition catalogs through Yankee Book Peddler and other vendors. Currently, the following campuses have Worldwide plans: UCR, UCB, UCD, UCSC, and UCSB.


Last journal agreement

The group discussed the possibility of creating a last journal agreement among the UC campuses. Concerns were expressed on how the core list of journals would be selected and how to maintain this agreement with the current budget constraints all campuses are facing. Dan shared his excel worksheet of current UC Davis art journal subscriptions.


Action item: It was decided that no action would be taken at this time.   



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