7/15/2005 Sliders/Bookers

7/15/2005 Sliders/Bookers




Judith Herschman          UCLA                       jherschm@library.ucla.edu

Kathryn Wayne              UCB                         kwayne@library.berkeley.edu

Ellen Corrigan                UCSB                       corrigan@library.ucsb.edu

Krista Ivy                       UCR                         krista.ivy@ucr.edu

Lynn Cunningham          UCB                         lynncunningham@berkeley.edu

Elizabeth Byrne             UCB                         ebyrne@library.berkeley.edu

Maureen Burns              UCI                          maburns@uci.edu

Corey Schulz                 Standford (UCPA)      coreys@stanford.edu

Jan Eklund                    UCB                         jeklund@berkeley.edu

Leah Theis                    UCD                         lctheis@ucdavis.edu

Rosalie Lack                 CDL                         rosalie.lack@ucop.edu

Jennifer Steffen              UCSB                       jpadgett@arthistory.ucsb.edu

Jackie Spafford              UCSB                       spafford@arthistory.ucsb.edu

Kathleen Hardin             UCSC                       khardin@ucsc.edu

David Ziegler                  UCLA                       ziegler@humnet.ucla.edu

Madelyn Millen              UCR                         madelyn.millen@ucr.edu

Maryly Snow                 UCB                         maryly@berkeley.edu

Emily Lin                       UCM                        elin@ucmerced.edu

Susan Moon                  UCSB                       smoon@library.ucsb.edu

Daniel Goldstein            UCD                         dgoldstein@ucdavis.edu

Lena Zentall                   CDL                         lena.zentall@ucop.edu


Maureen intro:


Thanks to CDL for the beautiful facilities and Maryly for the last-minute Berkeley venue for Wednesday’s meeting


ISRAC (Image Services Rollout Committee) Presentation -  Emily & Maryly


UC Image Service Rollout  not yet official but:

  • CDL has an Insight License for 10 campuses
  • Insight software now installed at CDL.  Will be there at least until Dec. 2006
  • Insight was chosen initially because it was the 1st to combine image search and classroom presentation
  • Committee is combining help documents for distribution
  • ISRAC has 1 librarian from each campus & 1 CDL rep (Rosalie)
  • Meetings take place via conference calls every 2 weeks
  • website: http://libraries.universityofcalifornia.edu/hops/israc/





Many said they would like the java client installed on all library terminals but there are firewall and security issues that make the automatic updating of these clients as well as cross-collection searching problematic.  Browser version needs a PID. 

Lena - //imageservice.cdlib.org (PID): at present the Saskia web link will take you to UC Image service


There is some confusion about the functionality differences between browser & java client versions that needs to be clarified.


Judith would like a link for each collection that leads to image service so that users can look for specific resources like SPIRO


Maureen encouraged all to help with the rollout


Rosalie - Collateral promotional materials will be distributed – possibly as bookmarks?


Judith -  Reference libarians & sliders have different roles – Librarians help faculty find the resources & images and sliders help faculty use the images


Maureen – faculty need help about technical matters – standards, metadata, etc.


Emily – ISRAC committee exploring tools like Inscribe & Insight Personal Collections to see how they work to see if these might encourage faculty to use Insight content along with their own content.


Rollout of these tools will be phased and have not yet been prioritized. ISRAC committee will make recommendations.


There will be trial projects to develop guidelines for metadata standards, persistent access to materials, etc.


Maureen - Insight now supports direct download to PowerPoint on a PC.

Corey - Mac users can export files to Keynote, then open Keynote to export to PowerPoint.


Need to understand why & how personal collections are needed & used.  It is lots of work for CDL to set up personal collections.


Video & audio components are needed.  Need a sample in the Image database to show it’s possible to include these kinds of digital objects.


Plans for additional content:


  • Need additional content from the sciences & natural history museums
  • Additional free public collections in Insight available from Cartography Associates

      (Need high-res mrSIDs or tiffs and metadata for free public collections)

·         Maybe trade Insight keys at MIP installation to allow Corey’s Asian material to be viewable to UCB and and SPIRO available to Stanford?  Cross-institutional sharing becoming a big thing.  MDID users are now sharing collections.


Obstacles: Must download VPN and Java client to home computers to do this at home.  Firewalls need to be turned off to search.  For students, web browser is a good way to start, but all collections not available on the web (Spiro for example)


Judith- UCLA does not allow downloading on public terminals.  Any way to email images?  Answer is yes. Can export Insight images by attaching image as an email attachment.


Clients on public terminals may need to be altered – more administrative overhead.  Glen Worthey at Stanford does this for Stanford.  Kathryn Wayne and a few others do this for ARTStor on the Berkeley campus.



ROSALIE - CDL Activities & ISRAC


·         Calisphere – Online material from the OAC & Bancroft finding aids  Catalog of interesting content sites from 10 campuses made by LII. All sites cataloged with LCSH headings.  Calisphere site could be cataloged into MELVYL.

·         Insight dedicated to creating a web version that does as much as the Java client – java client will be phased out.




Maureen: Any way some content can be made public in Insight?  Mutiple levels of permission possible?

Recommend to patrons Infomine and InternetScout for finding additional resources.


Rosalie -  IT people need to be more involved.  Outreach to those groups important.  Training needs to include librarians, VR & IT people all at the same time.


David G: Should ISRAC be promoting the presentation part or just the search and retrieval aspect?


Maryly: Librarians use Insight as a discovery tool & IT for training, with some cross-over


Maureen: Need to show faculty ALL presentation tools –Insight, Artstor, MDID, etc.


JS: Maybe they need something simpler?  Picasa, Flickr, maybe modules for different purposes?


Rosalie: Maybe different rollouts to different user groups?  Java client to undergrads & grads, browser version to faculty first?


Corey: Insight presentation tool useless because you need a live connection.  Offline presentation needs to be downloaded.




Report on Insight users groups (ALA- Chicago) – Maryly, Lena


CDL team: Laine Farley, Laine Cameron, Rosalie Lack – public content manager – ISRAC rep

Brian Tingle, Lena Zentall, Mary ?


  • Harvey Goldstein (Insight) “We’re listening” is their new motto
  • Insight is trying to make the product more usable
  • Insight 5.5 – will be out July 20 (beta)  Fall scheduled release, but not sure whether CDL will install or not?
  • Deploy Director needed to automatically update java clients
  • Administrative tools for setting access permissions to personal collections and

simplified collections sharing

·         drag & drop between institutional collections

·         Insight 6.0 web-based front end with java core functionality – end of 2006?

·         Amazoogle – people want ease of use - Amazon plus Google

·         140,000 images in Cartography Associates Image Gallery for licensing

·         Bettman Archives – 10,000 images

·         Cartography Associates goal is 1million images by the end of 2005.




Emily: there is a common desire to have one-stop shopping


XML gateway - metadata into MARC XML now  maybe VRA Core, Mets, etc. later?


Confusion over presentation tool: Must now save the group in order to to save a presentation.


CDWA mapping is unsatisfactory now – need more choice


David G.: Hates Insight search function.  There will be improvements in version 6.0?

Insight needs something like a a search history


There needs to be a single channel to send feedback to Luna.


Maureen: VRA/ARLIS SEI Report


Summer Educational Institute (SEI) is a joint ARLIS/VRA project

Most participants new to the field - about half librarian half Visual Resources people, fewer from museum & archive community

website: http://vraweb.org/2005sei/curriculum.html


Next year SEI will be in Portland at Reed


There is talk about a more advanced level for professionals already in the field


Karen Whalen (Reed College)– Introduction

Trudy Levy         - database design

Sherman Clarke – Authorities

Ann Whiteside & Margaret Webster -Data Elements

Ann & Margaret – CCO

Madelyn Wessel (Special Advisor to UVA University Librarian) - copyright

Tina Updike – Digital transition

Demos & discussions

Lee Sorenson (Duke Library) – VR & the Library

Mary Wasserman (Phildelphia Museum of Art) – VR & museums

Howard Brainen– Digital copystand & workflow

Trudy Levy & Howard Brainen – digital image management

Trudy Levy – DAMS

Trudy Jacoby & Maureen – demostrated Insight , Artstor & Almagest


Partnerships need to be formed between VR, Librarians, & IT to advise faculty & students about building digital collections.


Maureen’s faculty member who is storing her Japanese photos on the Library server brings up questions of ownership.  Does the library own them? The contributor?  Her metadata is being contributed from colleagues.   Sparse metadata makes if difficult to METSIFY.


What is the purpose of the CDL Preservation Repository?  Rosalie will find out and send to sliders.




Almagest demo – Leah Theis & Dan Goldstein


Almagest is open source software for image presentation.  Could be made part of the Sakai project


LectureBuilder allows searching for images, and drag & drop lecture presentation tool using single or split-screen presentation.  Can also do double projection if the laptop contains an appropriate video card.


Right now you cannot change screen config from page to page - i.e. 2 slides, then 1 slide, then 3, etc.

The crop feature not drag & click.  Have to enter numbers from a grid.


Corey demo of ARTStor

See vrc.stanford.edu – reports & manuals developed for patrons there


JSC recommendations for additional content from Sliders:

Free stuff:


Old LUCI from MIP server to CDL

AICT - Art Images for College Teaching (Alan Kohl)

Corey’s Asian Material (Already in Insight)

UCSD Images in Artstor

Carnegie American Art set at University of Georgia (currently in ARTStor)


Licensed stuff:


Scholar’s Resource (new Saskia)

Media for the Arts – India & Ancient Near Eastern MAterial

Art on File – Public Art

RLG Cultural Materials


Other stuff:


CanyonLight Images (museums in Europe - not sure about rights or digital image availability)

Courtauld University Colour Slide Service - slides and some digital images of current shows in UK

Corbis Images


Bookers JSC recommendations for additional content:


Bibliographic indexes:

Avery Index, BHA, Design & Applied Arts Index (DAAI) from CSA

ArtNet.com (auction prices in licensed products)



Next meeting:  VRA & ARLIS conferences


Corey showed his Asian material recently added to Insight at Stanford (AKA University of California - Palo Alto)

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