UC Arts Librarians Group Meeting

UC Arts Librarians Group Meeting April 28, 2007

ARLIS/NA Conference, Atlanta


Attending: L. Abrams (UCSD) - chair, R. Gore (UCLA), K. Ivy (UCR), S. Koskinen (UCB), S. Moon (UCSB)


Summary Notes


We met over a lovely lunch at the South City Kitchen in mid-town Atlanta.


1.      Elizabeth Byrne’s (UCB) Digitization Proposal: Early California Architecture Journals.


The group discussed Elizabeth’s draft proposal and made the following suggestions:

  • investigate how text digitization is being done by UC for the Google and other mass book digitization projects
  • the proposal needs to include workflow information, description of standards for digitization (including for images) and sample metadata
  • maybe a few high priority titles could be selected and used a test/pilot project to develop procedures & to determine costs
  • explore options for funding -- UC (ask Lorelei Tanji, our CDC Liaison), CDL, the California State Library, the Getty
  • maybe JSTOR would be interested in this set of journals


2.      Future meeting of UC Art Librarians.


It has been quite a few years since the group met independent of an ARLIS/NA conference. It may be time for a face-to-face, all day meeting. We believe we have plenty of issues for an agenda, such as approval plans/vendor round table, library instruction to undergraduate art & architecture students, JSTOR dim archive/sending serials to storage, new databases to pursue/consortial licenses, collection space and preservation/conservation issues, remodeling, new, or merging libraries, ARTstor/UC Image Service changes. If we agree to meet, we might see if we could dovetail with another UC-wide meeting, such as the one LAUC-B is hosting Nov. 2, 2007 on the “Academic Library 2.0”. Otherwise we will ask for volunteers to host. The last time we met face-to-face outside of an ARLIS/NA conference was at UCSC.


3.      Resource Liaison assignments.


Most likely a topic coming up in the near future.


4.      Campus Round Robin.


The group recommended that we do an email round robin to report on news from our libraries and campuses.

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