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Photograph Collection

Photograph Collection

WRCA's archival collections include more than 200,000 photographs. The Huber, Lippincott, Lee, Eastwood, Derleth, Galloway, Hyatt, and Cooper collections each contain a large number of photographic holdings.

The following exhibits and catalogs present a small example of WRCA's photograph collections:

Catalog of Coastal Aerial Photographs

This collection contains over 45,000 citations referring to aerial photographs available at WRCA. Collection emphasis is on U.S. coastal areas with a strong focus on California, Oregon, Washington, Guam and Hawaii. Coastal regions of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and New Jersey are also well represented. These black & white photos were taken by the U.S Navy and the U.S. Marine Corps from the mid-1940’s to the mid-1950’s.

Historic Flood Photographs

WRCA has extensive archival and manuscript holdings. Among these holdings are approximately 10,000 photographs documenting a wide variety of water-related topics, including floods and flood control projects. The photographs displayed here are from 3 manuscript collections, the Erwin Cooper Collection, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Transcripts of Public Hearings Collection, and a collection documenting the Preliminary examination of San Lorenzo River in Santa Cruz County, California, for flood control.

Liquid Gold: California's Water

This is a virtual exhibit that features unique historical and contemporary photographs, documents, maps, and books showcasing several aspects of California's water development. No resource is as vital to California's urban centers, agriculture, industry, recreation, scenic beauty, and environmental preservation as its "liquid gold." And no resource is as immersed in controversy.

Los Angeles Aqueduct Photographs

Between 1895 and 1930, Joseph Barlow Lippincott compiled over 5,000 photographs documenting the numerous waterworks projects in which he was involved. In July 1906 Lippincott left the Reclamation Service to join William Mulholland as assistant chief engineer of the Owens River Project. While serving as assistant chief engineer of the Los Angeles Aqueduct, Lippincott collected a series of photographs documenting the construction of the Aqueduct, from initial surveys of the Owens River Valley to delivery of water to Los Angeles.

Walter L. Huber Photographs

The Walter L. Huber Photographs Collection contains over 4,000 photographs. Most of the images were taken by Huber himself and document the many water projects he was involved in throughout California and the West. The photographs are divided into two separate collections, filed under call numbers HUBER and MS 76/14.
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