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Friends is a University of California, Riverside, educational group made up of faculty, staff, students and members of the regional community. Friends is concerned with increasing awareness about the Santa Ana River (SAR), UC Riverside’s namesake. Friends believes that the SAR can be managed to meet all of our needs in the counties, cities and watershed through which it courses. This includes balanced, clean water provision for: residential/agricultural/industrial consumption needs; the needs of native species for which the SAR provides habitat; and, for the recreational, open space and aesthetic needs of surrounding communities.

Friends is sponsored by the Water Resources Collections and Archives (WRCA) of the UCR Library and is coordinated by Steve Mitchell, Distinguished Librarian, Orbach Science Library.

Specific interest areas, as articulated by members, include: providing education on and awareness of endangered or threatened species in or near the river; providing additional education about the bike path (currently under construction) that will parallel the river for most of its length; contributing to understanding the SAR as a wildlife/recreational corridor (90 miles of parkway through some of the most populated areas of Southern California); restoring more water to the river; understanding climate change and its impact on the river; monitoring water quality; and, understanding water resource management and infrastructure in or adjacent to the river, among other areas of interest. Members are encouraged to suggest interest areas and programs.

Among the first of our projects has been to comment on and examine possible restoration of the endangered Southern California Steelhead to the SAR as detailed in this recent study by NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service.

Note that Friends was instrumental in having the City of Riverside support an increased community understanding of steelhead restoration in the SAR as detailed in this resolution.

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