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San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

Developing a mechanism to ameliorate the impacts of surface runoff from transportation projects.

Organization: Bay Area Open Space Council
2000 Grant Recipient – All San Francisco Bay Area Counties


The goal of this project by the Bay Area Open Space Council was to research the water quality impacts of surface runoff from transportation facilities and to develop a proposed mechanism for financing restoration projects that would ameliorate such impacts.

The principal outcome of this grant was a research analysis of the contribution of transportation facilities to non-point source pollution and identification of projects that could ameliorate those impacts. Activities included:

  1. Researching existing scientific knowledge and applying this to the San Francisco Bay watershed to understand and to describe the nexus of automobile related surface run-off with its impact on water quality.
  2. Identifying riparian areas and watersheds and the degree to which they are affected by surface run-off.
  3. Quantifying the extent to which restoration and protection projects could mitigate the adverse impact of automobile related surface run-off using a case study approach.
  4. Identifying potential projects with photos, maps, and descriptive information.
  5. Developing a strategy for providing a stable funding base for such projects.

NRPI Database Entry:

John Woodbury and B.C. Capps were the original Directors on this project.

Contacts for the Project

John Woodbury
General Manager
Napa County Regional Park and Open Space District
Phone: 707-259-5933
Email: JWoodbury@ncrposd.org
Website: www.NapaOutdoors.org

Annie Burke
Director of Development and Engagement
Bay Area Open Space Council
Phone: (510) 809-8009 Ext. 252
Email: Annie@OpenSpaceCouncil.org

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