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San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

South Bay Wetlands Project GIS Map

Organization: San Francisco Estuary Institute
2000 & 2002 Grant Recipient - Alameda County


A San Francisco Bay Area inventory of past and proposed wetlands projects is a basic requirement to track the performance of projects and their effects on local and regional ecosystems. Without such fundamental information, we cannot assess the value of existing wetland restoration efforts or prioritize new project opportunities.

This project funded the initial development of a Bay Area Wetland Tracker by the San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI). The Wetland Tracker was designed to provide public access via the Internet to information about wetland projects and habitats around San Francisco Bay. The information is mainly used to track changes in the regional distribution and abundance of wetland habitats. The Wetland Tracker is also used to access wetland reports, images, and data managed by SFEI in its EcoAtlas Information System. The Wetland Tracker exists at http://www.californiawetlands.net/tracker/

2012 Update

The Wetland Tracker is now a statewide tool for accessing information about wetland restoration projects, and wetland condition and extent. It is available online at http://www.californiawetlands.net/tracker/

NRPI Database Entry

Joshua Collins and Michael May produced the original project.


Primary Contact for this Project

Cristina Grosso
Data Manager / Assistant Environmental Scientist
San Francisco Estuary Institute
Phone: (510) 746-7371
E-mail: Cristina@sfei.org

Secondary Contact for the Project

Dr. Joshua N. Collins
Senior Environmental Scientist
San Francisco Estuary Institute
Phone: (510) 746-7365
E-mail: Josh@sfei.org

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