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San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

Creek Keepers – A Youth Employment Program on Wildcat and San Pablo Creeks

Organization: The San Francisco Estuary Partnership
2000 Grant Recipient – Contra Costa County


The goal of the Creek Keepers project was to involve Richmond youth and the community in restoring the Wildcat Creek and San Pablo Creek watersheds through restoration activities that also provide environmental education, job training and employment opportunities.

The overall goal of Creek Keepers was to work directly with Richmond's low-income high school youth to protect and enhance the water quality of the Richmond/San Pablo area through a variety of restoration, education, and community organizing projects. The Wildcat and San Pablo Creeks project involved youth in planting riparian plants to reduce erosion and sedimentation along Wildcat and San Pablo Creeks. Youth employees monitored the water quality of the Creeks at least once a week and presented quarterly reports to regulatory agencies including the cities of San Pablo and Richmond and Contra Costa County authorities.

Creek Keepers also educated and mobilized residents to reduce pollution and improve overall environmental health of the community by involving youth in presentations to community members regarding water quality monitoring and pollution reduction. Youth employees also organized creek clean-ups and other community restoration activities with other local community groups.

2012 Update

In 2000, the success of this program was measured by the following goals:

  • The rate of survival of plants
  • The numbers of people in the community trained or active in community service events
  • The performance of students employed (e.g., attitude, knowledge and behavior toward the environment), and
  • The acquisition of job skills by the student employees.

The success of the program was further demonstrated by the fact that this seed funded program in 2000 continued for ten years, from 2001 to 2010. The subsequent funding amounted to about $25.000 per year and was obtained through other grants, contracts, fee for services and generous in-kind contributions.

Primary Contact for the Project

Debbi Egter van Wisserkerke,
Communications Specialist
The San Francisco Estuary Project
Phone: 510-622-2304
Email: DEgtervanWissekerke@Waterboards.ca.gov

Secondary Contact for the Project

Steven Cochrane,
Clean Boating Program
The San Francisco Estuary Partnership
Email: SteveECochrane@yahoo.com

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Project Photos

The Sachao cousins work together to plant pickleweed near Richmond Parkway for a Wetland Restoration project in Creek Keepers.

Map of Wildcat Creek in Richmond California.

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