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San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

Big Break and Marsh Creek Restoration Project

Organization: Delta Science Center
2000 Grant Recipient – Contra Costa County


The design of this grant was to restore riparian and wetland habitat along Big Break and Marsh Creek in the Delta in northeast Contra Costa County. The grant involved: Educational Outreach, Removal of Exotic Species, On-The-Ground Restoration, and Planning.

Delta Science Center’s mission is: Preserving the Delta for Future Generations. The broad result of this grant was to begin implementation of the concept for the Delta Science Center. More specifically, the activities were:

  1. To complete plans for the riparian and wetland restoration program at Big Break and Marsh Creek;
  2. To develop Big Break Stewardship and Restoration Plan;
  3. To develop Marsh Creek Watershed Science Program.

The plans of Marsh Creek Watershed Science Program anticipated treating 500 acres of grazing/sewage disposal habitat through emergent wetlands; treating 2000 acres of open water/wetland by expanding wetlands and estuarine channels; and improving the 100 square mile watershed of diverse habitat through watershed science, management and local stewardship.

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Contact for the Project

Steven Barbata
Big Break and Marsh Creek Restoration
E-mail: EuphorbiaGardens@gmail.com

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Project Photos

Scientist John Cain, Director of Conservation for California Flood Management, and Steven Barbata, a Bay Area museum developer and planner, work to maintain the integrity of the Delta in Contra Costa County. Photo by Michael Maloney of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Delta Regional Map. Photo courtesy of the Delta Science Center.

Photo by Michael Maloney

Fishing along the Delta. Photo by Michael Maloney

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