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San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

Restoring native riparian habitat Baxter Creek, City of Richmond.

Organization: Urban Creeks Council
2000 Grant Recipient – Alameda County


The purpose of the Baxter Creek Project is to create and maintain a functional, naturalistic riparian forest for wildlife and human recreation. Community engagement and ongoing maintenance are key drivers of the restoration process.

2012 Update

With funding in part from the San Francisco Foundation, UCC restored 900 linear feet of native riparian habitat to a reach of Baxter Creek in the City of Richmond. Located in a public park, the creek is now beloved by neighborhood children, who play among the trees, and is also used as an outdoor classroom by local educational organizations to teach children about ecology. A bird survey found over 35 species of native birds using this site in the center of one of the most urbanized areas in California.

NRPI Database Entry

The original Directors on this project were Steve Donnelly and Lisa Viani. Juliet Lamont was a major contributor to this project.

Contacts for the Project

Phil Stevens
Executive Director
Urban Creeks Council
Phone: 510.356.0591 Ext. 2
Email: Phil@UrbanCreeks.org

Kristen Van Dam
Restoration Coordinator
Urban Creeks Council
Phone: 510.356.0591 Ext. 3
Email: Kristen@UrbanCreeks.org

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Project Photos

Baxter Creek at Booker T. Anderson, Jr. Park, Richmond as construction began in August of 2000.

Baxter Creek after project completion in December 2002.

Aerial photograph of Baxter Creek at Booker T. Anderson Jr, Park in Richmond, California.

Illustrating the Creek Restoration process, in August of 2000, excavators begin restoration at Baxter Creek in the Booker T. Anderson Jr. Park in Richmond, California.

Workers install erosion control fabric during construction at Booker T. Anderson Jr. Park.

Baxter Creek after restoration was completed in the Winter of 2001 - 2002.

Footbridge over Baxter Creek.

Revegetation growing along Baxter Creek.

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