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San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

Codornices Creek Restoration Project

Organization: Urban Creeks Council
2000 Grant Recipient – Alameda County


This was an Educational Outreach, On-The-Ground Restoration category of project designed to support a community-based creek restoration project on Codornices Creek located in the City of Berkeley on the boundary of Berkeley and Albany.

This project to advance the restoration of Codornices Creek was designed to re-vegetate, and to restore the channel banks and newly constructed wetlands along the proposed project reach. The activities were a joint project involving youth corps and neighborhood and citizen organization participation in tree planting projects.

2012 Update

The restoration of lower Codornices Creek has been decades in the making, and the dedication of many partners, including the San Francisco Foundation, has resulted in the restoration of the entire section of stream corridor between San Pablo Avenue and Third Street - a contiguous riparian corridor of over a half mile. This is an incredible accomplishment for such an urbanized watershed. This riparian corridor provides habitat for hundreds of native species, and the restoration especially benefits Codornices' resident population of steelhead trout.

NRPI Database Entry

The original Directors on this project were Steve Donnelly and Lisa Viani.

Primary Contact for the Project

Phil Stevens
Executive Director
Urban Creeks Council
Phone: 510.356.0591 Ext. 2
Email: Phil@UrbanCreeks.org

Kristen Van Dam
Restoration Coordinator
Urban Creeks Council
Phone: 510.356.0591 Ext. 3
Email: Kristen@UrbanCreeks.org

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Project Photos

Volunteers with Friends of Five Creeks helping to weed and re-plant native vegetation on Codornices Creek, Berkeley, CA. (Photograph courtesy of Friends of Five Creeks)

Codornices Creek at Live Oak Park in Berkeley, California

Aerial photo of Cordonices Creek. Located in Berkeley, California, between San Pablo Avenue and Third Street.

The fish in the photo is a young steelhead aka rainbow trout. These fish migrate back and forth from Codornices Creek to the Bay.

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