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San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

Alhambra Creek Restoration Project

Organization: Urban Creeks Council
2001 Grant Recipient - Contra Costa County


This grant was designed to create a restoration plan for a site on Alhambra Creek that would be used by a group of neighbors to address creek bank stabilization issues on their adjoining properties. It was expected that this plan could serve as a model for future restoration efforts along Alhambra Creek.

The Plan included narrative and maps that displayed soil bioengineering methods for creek bank stabilization. Central to the plan was the use of a live crib wall, which involves the use of log timbers constructed in a box frame, planted with riparian plants and back filled with soil.

NRPI Database Entry:
Steve Donnelly and Mike Vukman were the original Directors on this project.


Contacts for the Project

Phil Stevens
Executive Director
Urban Creeks Council
Phone: 510.356.0591 Ext. 2
Email: Phil@UrbanCreeks.org

Kristen Van Dam
Restoration Coordinator
Urban Creeks Council
Phone: 510.356.0591 Ext. 3
Email: Kristen@UrbanCreeks.org

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Alhambra Creek Restoration Project

Alhambra Creek in Contra Costa County originates in the hills of Briones Regional Park, which drains into the Carquinez Strait by way of the historical Arroyo del Hambre. Alhambra Creek and its valley take their name from Cañada del Hambre, Spanish for "valley of hunger," apparently because of some unknown incident involving starving Spanish soldiers.

Alhambra Creek Restoration Project

Beaver Yearling on Alhambra Creek, downtown Martinez. Photo by Cheryl Reynolds. Photo courtesy of Worth a Dam 2008.

Alhambra Creek Restoration Project

Bank Stabilization: Re-vegetating with appropriate native riparian plantings is one common Soil Bioengineering technique used by Urban Creeks Council. For example, planting willow or cottonwood cuttings will serve to reestablish native riparian plant communities as well as to stabilize the creek bank.

Alhambra Creek Restoration Project

Bank Stabilization: Photograph of an installed live crib wall from another Urban Creeks Council restoration site.

Alhambra Creek Restoration Project

Bank Stabilization: A diagram of a live crib wall similar to the one that was designed for Alhambra Creek to stabilize the creek bank.

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