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San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

Water Leadership Program: Providing scholarships for participation by members of under-represented groups.

Organization: Water Education Foundation
2003 Grant Recipient - Solano County


The Water Education Foundation’s Water Tours are 3-day intensive learning experiences that take participants to key water sites throughout the state. Speakers are scheduled throughout the tours to give a variety of viewpoints on important water issues. As a result of grant funding, eleven participants, who would otherwise not have been able to attend, participated at no cost in the Foundation’s five water tours held in 2003: the Lower Colorado River; Central Valley; Bay-Delta; Southern California; and, Northern California. 

The Water Leaders Class is a leadership training program that identifies up and coming water professionals and matches them with established and well-known water professionals, who serve as mentors. Water Leaders class members attend Water Tours and the Foundation’s annual Executive Briefing, work directly with their assigned mentor from government, urban, agricultural, environment, private sector or public interest group, and select a water issue, such as groundwater, water recycling, etc. collaboratively to research and present at the Foundation’s end-of-year Board meeting.

The four participants selected in the 2004 class to be recipients of full scholarships supported by the SFF were chosen from more than 40 applicants and were selected to represent environmental interests and minority and underrepresented communities. A list of the four Water Leaders from 2004 class who were supported by the grant from SFF is found in the Document.


Contact for the Project
Beth Stern
Development Director
Water Education Foundation
717 K Street, Suite 317
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: 916-444-6240
E-mail: BStern@watereducation.org
Websites: www.watereducation.org

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Project Photos

Delta Map for Water Education Foundation Tours.

Northern California Water Tour.

Tour of a farm in Imperial Valley in the lower Colorado River.

Water Leaders Meeting at the Foundation's office in Sacramento.

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