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San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

Multi-metric Monitoring Project for Benthic Invertebrates in the Napa River Basin

Organization: Friends of the Napa River
2003 Grant Recipient - Napa County


The goal of the project is to protect fish, wildlife and plants in the Bay-Delta and Napa watershed and to strengthen community involvement in local aquatic conservation efforts.

This was a project jointly conducted by Collaborative Napa River Restoration and Community Education Project, Friends of the Napa River (FONR), Napa County, Napa River watershed.

Friends of the Napa River worked with state, city and county resource agencies, community organization and local school districts to:

  • Complete the fourth year of a 6 year benthic macro invertebrate (aquatic insects found in streams and rivers) sampling/monitoring project throughout the Napa River watershed to determine water quality past and present
  • Enlarge an elementary school education module about the Napa River watershed ecosystem
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation about benthic macro invertebrates as water quality bio-indicators of aquatic health
  • Expand an existing elementary school traveling library to 100 books about the Napa River
  • Public accessibility to this project by creating a web page at FONR


Contact for the Project
Chris Malan
Institute for Conservation Advocacy, Research and Education
Phone: 707-255-7434
E-Mail: CMalan@MyOneEarth.org

*the BMI - Benthic Macro Invertebrate project current resides with ICARE and has proved to be invaluable to resource agencies, other nonprofits and has grown significantly as an educational tool in schools with Friends of the Napa River.

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Project Photos

Lisa Harbison and Joshua Malan collecting benthic macroinvertebrates on Spencer Creek, Napa River watershed 2004

A mayfly clinging to a rock in a riffle where the water is well oxygenated. Mayflies are indicators of good water quality and are pollution intolerant.

Todd Adams, botanist and educator, teaching elementary school children about aquatic life and safeguarding creeks from pollution

Benthic macroinvertebrate sampling sites in the Napa River watershed.

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