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San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

Article: Toward a Healthy Bay - A Twentieth Century Challenge

Organization: Bay Nature Institute
2003 Grant Recipient


This purpose of this grant was to research, publish and distribute a 16-page supplement to Bay Nature [magazine] entitled "Toward a Healthy Bay - A Twentieth Century Challenge," profiling the health of San Francisco Bay using several indicator species to portray the health of the Bay. The article featured several other Bay Fund grantees.

During the research process for the articles, it was decided that the most effective approach to illustrate the current status of San Francisco Bay would be through the lens of the four most significant challenges/threats to the health of the Bay. So the publication consisted of an introductory overview essay, tracing the history of the Bay, followed by four articles detailing each of the threats:

  • Threat 1 - Habitat Loss
  • Threat 2 - Pollution
  • Threat 3 - Freshwater Flow
  • Threat 4 - Invasive Species

The publication also included a short article on ways for readers to experience the Bay, short profiles of four major advocates for the health of the Bay (most of whom were associated with Bay Fund recipient organizations), and a list of critical resources (organizations, websites, etc.) related to the health of the Bay.

"Toward a Healthy Bay" was published on October 1, 2003, bound into 8,500 copies of Bay Nature magazine. An additional 10,000 copies were overprinted for separate distribution by partnering organizations, many of which were also Bay Fund recipients.


Contact for the Project

David Loeb
Executive Director and Publisher
The Bay Nature Institute
Phone: (510) 528-8550
E-Mail: David@BayNature.org

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Project Photos

Bay Nature Supplement. October 2003. Cover photo is Sunset over San Francisco Bay, from above Alameda. Photo by Stephen Frisch.

Tidal Wetlands - Then and Now.

PCBs and Mercury in South Bay Birds and Fish.

Timeline - Some exotic "visitors" who stayed.

The Tosco Refinery on the water in Martinez refines petroleum products, such as the gasoline that powers our cars, trucks, and SUVs. Photo by Brad Perks.

The diminutive Delta smelt has changed the way water in the Delta is managed. Photo by Barrie Rokeach.

Impact of Spring Inflow on Fish.

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