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San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

Steelhead Trout Passage Restoration Project

Organization: San Francisquito Watershed Council
A project of a project of Acterra Stewardship Program
2003 Grant Recipient - Santa Clara County


San Francisquito Watershed Council's workgroup, the Steelhead Task Force, was formed with the ambitious goal of helping rebuild one of San Francisco Bay’s last viable populations of Steelhead Trout. The natural conditions of the creek were favorable for the project and fish were surviving and spawning. However, there were many barriers to fish passage between the bay and the spawning grounds higher in the watershed, and creek banks, especially in urban areas, were degraded.

This grant allowed the Council to make great strides in designing fish passage improvements, restoring habitat, and conducting outreach to the public. The grantees made significantly more progress than initially anticipated: planning, designing, conducting landowner outreach and permitting for seven fish passage barriers rather than five. Their public education work played a critical role both in these efforts and in strengthening the foundation for steelhead conservation in the long term.

The Watershed Council’s creek activities, including habitat restoration, cleanups and creek walks, attracted over 450 participants in 2003-2004. The Council’s outreach about steelhead, including an informative four-sided tri-fold brochure, helped inspire the community including a helping a creek stewardship group to form in the upper watershed, a stretch of creek where human allies are critical to watershed health, and with it, the ongoing survival of steelhead.

2012 Update

Acterra Stewardship, the home of the San Francisquito Watershed Project (formerly Council), continues to involve the community in restoring creek bank vegetation, creek monitoring, and creek cleanup events. They also conduct workshops such as a recent opportunity for creek side homeowners to learn how they can manage their land to improve creek health. As a result of their ongoing outreach efforts and community involvement projects there is an improved public awareness about watersheds and the protection and enhancement of urban creeks for steelhead and other wildlife.


Volunteer Opportunities

Acterra Stewardship, the home of the San Francisquito Watershed Project is always looking for volunteers for our restoration activities. Please check our website: www.acterra.org/stewardship for upcoming volunteer events.

Contact for the Project

Claire Elliott
Senior Ecologist
San Francisquito Watershed Project
Phone: (650) 962-9876 ext. 311
E-mail: ClaireE@Acterra.org

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