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San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

Identifying sites with elevated levels of pollution impacting the San Francisco Bay

Organization: University of California, San Francisco, School of Pharmacy
2005 & 2006 Grant Recipient – Alameda and Santa Clara Counties


The overall purpose of the project is to provide the scientific basis for identifying sites with elevated levels of fecal pollution for further monitoring and pursuit of reduction and remediation of fecal pollution impacting the San Francisco Bay.

The grant was designed to assess levels of fecal indicator levels at San Francisco Bayside locations with heavy recreational usage and evidence suggestive of, but not currently monitored for, fecal pollution. The study’s goal was to survey fecal indicator levels at up to 11 areas in San Francisco and San Mateo County Bayside watersheds on at least 12 events, and to perform additional investigations to further identify sources.

Through the outlined activities, significant progress was made in characterizing 15 Bayside areas with regard to the levels of fecal pollution and, in some cases, the sources thereof. All of the stated specific purposes and overall purpose were accomplished, and in many cases exceeded.


Primary Contact for the Project

Dr. Kathryn Ivanetich
Principal Investigator
Phone: (650) 355-1629
E-mail: KathyIvanetich@gmail.com

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Project Photos

View of Oyster Point Marina 7 Area

View of Estuary Terminating at Oyster Point Marina 1 Area Bridge

Enterococcus Levels for Oyster Point Marina Sites

Golden Gate Yacht Club, Marina District, SF

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