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San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

Yosemite Slough Wetlands Restoration Project at Candlestick Point State Recreation Area

Organization: California State Parks Foundation
2006 Grant Recipient - San Francisco County


Located on the western shoreline of South San Francisco Bay, Candlestick Point Recreation Area’s Yosemite Slough was historically part of the biologically rich tidal marshes and mudflats of San Francisco Bay. Like many parts of the Bay, landfill, soil erosion, industrial contamination, non-point source pollution, wastewater overflows, and illegal dumping have severely degraded the waters in Yosemite Slough. This has adversely impacted the remaining habitat and wildlife, degraded the fisheries, complicated recreational and park planning, and limited recreational opportunities. Today, only the channel itself remains tidally influenced.

Implemented on behalf of California State Parks, the Yosemite Slough Wetlands Restoration Project will restore 12 acres (7 acres on the north side; 5 on the south) of seasonal wetlands. Key project elements include:

  • Removal of existing structures on the north side of the canal along with debris and contaminated soils.
  • Re-vegetation with native plants to increase local biodiversity.
  • A trail that will connect the park to the Bay Trail (2012).
  • Creating of a nesting island for shorebirds, isolated by a tidal channel to protect nesters from feral animals and human disturbance.
  • Reduction in the amount of polluted runoff as a result of restored seasonal wetlands catching and filtering water.

2012 Update

Construction of Phase I, North Side, broke ground in 2011 and is expected to be completed by June 2012. To date, the site has been cleared of debris and existing structures, contaminated soils have been cleaned up and remediated, and excavation and grading completed to create the new wetlands and upland areas. Tidal barriers were removed from the shoreline in November 2011 and tidal action restored.

Primary Contact for the Project
Sara Feldman, VP Programs
Phone: (213) 542-2450
Email: sara@calparks.org

Cecille Caterson
Program Manager
Phone: (415) 262-4406
email: Cecille@calparks.org
Organization website: calparks.org

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Project Photos

Yosemite Slough, North Side (Before)

Yosemite Slough, Demolition of existing structures

Yosemite Slough, North Side, wetlands creation

Yosemite Slough, aerial, December 2011 (after hydro seeding). Photo by Top Grade Construction.

Yosemite Slough, Site Location Map

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