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San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

Rush Ranch Diked Marsh Conceptual Alternatives Assessment

Organization: Solano Land Trust
2007 Grant Recipient - Solano County


Solano Land Trust (SLT) conducted a conceptual analysis and cost study for four restoration alternatives for an 80-acre managed marsh at the 2070-acre Rush Ranch Open Space Preserve. SLT hired diked marsh and tidal marsh experts to do technical analyses and SLT staff facilitated a stakeholder process to review alternatives and recommend a way forward.

2012 Update

The San Francisco Foundation Bay Fund grant enabled SLT to move forward on a project that had been stalled for many years by differences in opinion about the long-term vision for the site. The Solano Land Trust Board of Directors passed a resolution adopting the preferred alternative prior to closure of the grant.


  • Rush Ranch Conceptual Alternatives Assessment. This memorandum provides information about alternative strategies for enhancing habitat in an 80 acre diked, brackish marsh in Suisun Marsh. (24 pps.)

  • Attachments [2008]. These Exhibits illustrate technical analyses and cost calculations relating to the comparison of alternative marsh enhancement strategies. (30 pp.)

Contact for the Project
Benjamin Wallace
Conservation Project Manager
Solano Land Trust
Email: Ben@solanolandtrust.org
Phone: 707-432-0150

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Project Photos

This shows a portion of the diked marsh habitat enhancement site from a small hill overlooking the marsh. The marsh - terrestrial ecotone provides important refugia for sensitive species during high tides. The Potrero Hills are visible in the background.

This map demonstrates the preferred habitat enhancement alternative favored by local stakeholders, and adopted by the Solano Land Trust Board of Directors. The project will restore tidal action to a previously diked marsh and enhance public access facilities.

Rush Ranch is a 2070 acre open space preserve managed by Solano Land Trust near Fairfield and Suisun City in Solano County. The preserve is open to the public 7 days a week.

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