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San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

Restore and monitor 5 acres of tidal wetlands at Pier 94 in San Francisco

Organization: Golden Gate Audubon Society
2007 & 2008 Grant Recipient – San Francisco County


Golden Gate Audubon Society continued the restoring and monitoring of a 5-acre tidal wetland site. The project expanded the wetland restoration project that was begun in 2002, improved tidal circulation, created an upland transition zone with federally-endangered species of plants, and engaged volunteers and the local community.

2012 Update

The San Francisco Foundation Bay Fund grant resulted in the restoration of native salt marsh, which has attracted oystercatchers, sandpipers, herons, terns, snowy egrets, willets, killdeer, and American avocets. The restored site offered a refuge for birds during the Cosco Busan oil spill. Hundreds of volunteers and local students have been engaged in restoration activities on the site.

With funding from the San Francisco Foundation, Golden Gate Audubon and partners transformed Pier 94 from a soiled patch of urban blight to a fully functional tidal wetland that hosts nesting American avocets and osprey, and cyanobacterial mats that are sequestering carbon at impressive rates.


Volunteer Opportunities

New volunteers are welcome to join GGAS’s volunteer work parties in removing invasive plants, trash and planting hundreds of native plants. Contact volunteer@goldengateaudubon.org to learn about the next event (normally the first Saturday of each month 9:00 am -12 noon) at this site: http://www.goldengateaudubon.org/conservation/wetlands/pier-94/

Contact Information

Mike Lynes
Conservation Director
Golden Gate Audubon Society
Phone: 510-843-2222
Email: MLynes@GoldenGateAudubon.org

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Project Photos

A volunteer removing invasives and plant natives at Pier 94 in San Francisco.

Members from Wells Lab at UC San Francisco work to remove invasive plants at Golden Gate Audubon's wildlife habitat/wetland restoration project at Pier 94 on SF Bay. – August 19, 2011.

This photos show the wetlands that have developed at Pier 94 in San Francisco.

Map to Pier 94 Salt Pond in San Francisco. Golden Gate Audubon Society.

Endangered sea blite is making a comeback on the Pier 94 site. Photo by Peter Baye.

Volunteers help remove invasives and plant native upland species at Pier 94.

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