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San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

San Francisco Bay Fund Inventory of Projects

A transferable protocol to identify and prioritize sites for watershed restoration under Clean Water Act Programs

Organization: Sonoma Ecology Center
2008 Grant Recipient - Sonoma County


The objective of this project was to improve San Pablo Bay water quality by developing a transferable protocol to identify and prioritize sites for watershed restoration under Clean Water Act Programs. The project developed an analysis method for site prioritization, integrated important datasets used in the analysis, and produced several maps depicting the final results of the GIS analysis with sites visited for follow-up evaluation.

Significant progress was made on all outcomes: improved water quality and aquatic habitat quality in Sonoma Valley watershed; increased capacity of citizen groups working toward stream enhancement; and increased understanding about the interrelation of watershed health and bay and ocean systems.

2012 Update

The San Francisco Foundation Bay Fund grant provided funding for a pilot project that has since been carried forward with additional funding from U.S. EPA. Restoration sites are now chosen for improvement based on largest potential for improvement rather than ease of access or reparation.


Contact for the Project

Rebecca Lawton
Geologist, Director of Programs
Sonoma Ecology Center
Phone: 707-996-0712 x116
Email: Becca@SonomaEcologyCenter.org

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Project Photos

Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Implementation Site Selection Map.

Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. Perched culvert and incising reaches of stream in headwaters area in Sonoma Valley.

Warm Springs Road. Streambank prone to erosion, currently prevented from further undermining of road by large woody debris structures.

Adobe Canyon Slide. Streamside slump of gravel and serpentine soil into upper Sonoma Creek.

Bear Creek Slide. Streamside slump into upper Sonoma Creek from old trails later recontoured and improved.

Horse Valley Reach of Sonoma Creek. Incised and eroded streambanks, candidates for channel restoration projects.

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