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California Water Districts & Associations FAQ

California Water Districts & Associations FAQ

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Some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Water Districts & Agencies list and its content:

Do you accept credit cards?

Unfortunately, we do not.  We are only able to accept money orders or checks which are made payable to UC Regents.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Can I get a sample of the list?

Yes, please click here to see a PDF snapshot of our list. The actual list is an Excel spreadsheet. 

When was this list last updated?

November 2012, special funding allowed us to pay an intern to update the list.

When will you be updating it again?  Can you let me know when it’s updated?  Will you give it to me for free since I already paid the $50?

Due to staff shortages, we do not have plans of updating the list in the near future. If funding becomes available we will update it again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

How many districts are on here? Out of all of them, how many do you have e-mail addresses for?

There are a little over 700 water districts on the list.  We have e-mail addresses for about 420 of them.

Why are there are so many blank fields on the sample list?

We were unable to obtain all of the information when creating the list.  When information was not readily available online, our intern called the district in order to receive the missing information.  However, at times, districts were unable to provide us with certain information which is why it was left blank.

I don’t want to pay $50 if the list is not complete! Can I give you $25?

Unfortunately, we charge $50 for the list as it is now.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Can you send me the list now? I’ll send you the check later.

Unfortunately, we require prepayment before sending out our water district list.  We will send you the list as soon as we receive your payment. 

I am with the University of California system or state agency, can I get a discount? 

Please contact us directly, at Specialcollections@ucr.edu, as we are willing to work with you on the cost if you are a non-profit agency or institution or a graduate student wanting to use the list for research.

For questions not answered here contact us at:


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