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Research & Symposia

Research & Symposia

Independent River Restoration Research at Berkeley

All students who enroll in Restoration of Rivers and Streams and Hydrology for Planners undertake a substantial independent term project involving original research (see the Courses page for more information). Students peer review each other’s term projects, receive critical review of revised second drafts from the instructor, and revise again before submitting their final drafts. In addition, students make oral presentations of their projects to the Berkeley River Restoration Symposium or California Watershed Symposium (see programs below), held on a Saturday and typically drawing an audience of 50- 100, consisting of fellow students, guest lecturers, other interested professionals, local creek groups, and members of the public.

The term projects are all collected in the permanent collection of the Water Resources Collections and Archives (WRCA) at the University of California, and are discoverable via the Scotty catalog, where they constitute one of the largest collections of restoration-related studies currently available for any region with over 300 original restoration related studies (including 78 post-project appraisals). Since 2003, most of these papers are also available on-line in WRCA's eScholarship repository.

Symposium Programs

Berkeley River Restoration Symposium (Restoration of Rivers and Streams, LA227)

California Water Symposium (Hydrology for Planners, LA222)

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