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PhD and Master's Theses in River Restoration

Many Berkeley students conduct theses and dissertations on topics related to river restoration and environmental management of rivers and runoff from the landscape. These works are undertaken in departments across campus, but the greatest concentration has historically been in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning. Past topics include historical-geomorphic studies of large river systems, the effects of dams and gravel mining on watersheds, restoration master plans for rivers, habitat conservation strategies for threatened wildlife, and human uses of urban stream systems.

All dissertations/theses and some professional reports can be located (in hard copy) by searching Scotty by Title or Author, and limit the search field Format= Dissertations/Theses. In addition, a number of recent restoration-related dissertations and theses are now available in full-text below.

River restoration-related Graduate Theses on Stream Restoration. UC Berkeley 1987-2008
Ann Lawrence Riley 1988 Floodplain use and misuse
Hongmo Yang 1992 Ecological design of estuarine environment for a sustainable urban ecosystem
Maria Cacho 1998 A conceptual planning model for the design of buffer zones

Neil Steven Lassettre


Process Based Management of Large Woody Debris at the Basin Scale

Justin Toby Minear


Sediment dynamics and southern steelhead habitat (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in the Matilija Creek watershed, Southern California

Chia-Ning Yang 2004 Inviting spontaneous use into urban streams (PDF, 17MB)
Mark Tompkins 2006 Floodplain connectivity and river corridor complexity: implications for river restoration and planning for floodplain management (PDF, 27MB)
Matthew Jaeger Deitch 2006 Scientific and institutional complexities of managing surface water for beneficial human and ecosystem uses under a seasonally variable flow regime in Mediterranean-climate northern California (PDF, 6MB)
Kristen McDonald 2007 Damming China’s grand canyon: pluralization without democratization in the Nu River Valley (PDF, 1.16MB)
Alison Purcell 2007 Benthic Macroinvertebrates and Ecological Assessments: Examining the Biological Potential of Urban Stream Restoration in the San Francisco Bay Area (PDF, 5.6MB)
Christopher Hammersmark (UCD) 2008 Assessing the Hydroecological Effects of Stream Restoration (PDF, 3.5MB)
Justin Lawrence 2011

Biological and Physical Assessment of Streams in Northern California:  Evaluating the Effects of Global Change and Human Disturbance (PDF, 3.3MB)

Kristen Podolak 2012

Multifunctional Riverscapes: Stream Restoration, Capability Brown's Water Features, and Artificial Whitewater (PDF, 4.93 MB)

Robert Charbonneau 1987 Strawberry Creek management plan
Julie Katherine Isbill 1988 University Village creek corridor design
Marc Lallanilla 1988 An evaluation of stream restoration projects
Margaret Ellen Johnson 1988 The expression of natural systems as a concept for urban design: Guadalupe River case study
Terrence A. Neudorf 1989 Evaluation of DWR urban stream restoration projects of 1987-88
Eve J. Kliszewski 1990 Design concept plan for Lower Mission Creek: a natural channel alternative, Santa Barbara, California
Janet Lynn Parrish 1990 Assessment of channel conditions and enhancement opportunities on Jamison Creek within Plumas-Eureka State Park
Mitchell R. Katzel 1990 Evaluation of spawning gravel resources and review of the Environmental Planning
Jordan Lucas De Staebler 1992 A Greenway proposal for Wildcat & San Pablo Creeks for the communities of Richmond, San Pablo, and El Sobrante, California
Grayson Baur 1994 Islais Creek Channel park
Jennifer Carol Vick 1995 Habitat rehabilitation in the lower Merced River: a geomorphological perspective
Joshua Meyers Langenthal 1995 The creation and use of information in the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Project
Andrea Maxine Lucas 1996 Biotechnical erosion control for stream bank stabilization: improving biotechnical erosion control success in the Northern California coastal region
Craig W. Mayer 1996 Warm Springs Creek: wildlife corridor identification model
Lisa Howard 1996 Paths and processes: Lobos Creek Valley
Ian Simon Moore 1997 The San Joaquin River conservancy: an application of the California conservancy model to river corridor planning
John Richard Cain 1997 Hydrologic and geomorphic changes to the San Joaquin River between Friant Dam and Gravely Ford and implications for restoration of Chinook Salmon (oncorhynchus tshawytscha)
Katrin Stockhammer 1997 Environmental channel assessment as a tool for river basin planning, Traisen River, Austria
Diana Lee Murrell 1998 Creek, park and neighborhood form and user enjoyment in Berkeley and Pinole, California
Laurie Smith 1998 Arroyo Viejo Creek Trail Oakland Zoo in Knowland Park
Matthew Wade Smeltzer 1998 Prospects for restoring the river ecosystem and public trust resources of the Owens River Gorge
Corrina Louise Kweskin 1999 Urban creeks and community-building: four case studies in the San Francisco East Bay
Idalina Maria de Costa Baptista 1999 How environmental planning and policy making is changing in Portugal: the case of the Guadiana River Valley Natural Park
Ying-Ling Sun 2000 Revealing the natural processes of the Los Angeles River through its connection to the surrounding urban environment
Anthony Charles Falzone 2001 Geomorphic analysis of the Stanislaus River, Goodwin Dam to Oakdale
Erin Lutrick 2001 A review of gravel addition projects on Clear Creek, the Tuolumne River and the Stanislaus River, California: implications for CALFED Bay-Delta program project management (PDF, 48.5MB)
Ingrid Christina Morken 2002 Ecological investigations and management strategies for the conservation and restoration of the Sacramento River Oxbow Lakes
Lisa Caroline Kimball 2002 Analysis of channel geomorphology and habitat forming processes for feasability assessment of rip-rap removal, Muir Woods National Monument, Mill Valley, California
Scott Roark Nicholson 2002 Water resource development and the evolution of decision-making processes in the post-modern era: claims making in the urban environment
Catherine Marie Hudzik 2003 Evaluating the effectiveness of collaboration in water resources planning in California: a case study of CALFED
Jesse R. Kupers 2003 Lake Merrit Channel enhancement plan
Michael Ryan Fainter 2003 An assessment of the feasibility of restoring bed mobilization, bed scour, and bedload routing in the gravel-bedded reach of the San Joaquin River, California
Michelle Dubin 2003 Dutch Slough restoration site management plan
Zack David Freedman 2003 Grounds for renewal: the revitalization of Compton Creek
Jeremy Chapman Thomas 2004 Riparian conservation in California wine country: a comparison of the county planning approach (PDF, 9MB)
Margaret S. White 2004 Scientific information in restoration planning : exploring wetland restoration in the Salt River corridor
Sarah Maria Minick 2004 From water quality regulation to physical form: green storm water infrastructure in two San Francisco Bay Area cities
Shannah Anderson 2005 San Pablo creek watershed plan: a vision for enhancing environmental resources in El Sobrante, San Pablo and Richmond
Shay Boutillier 2005 Land use planning and local measures to mitigate sedimentation of coral reefs on the island of Moorea, French Polynesia
Jubilee Daniels 2005 A sustainable water plan for the University of California at Berkeley
Kathryn Gaffney 2005 Master plan for Browns Canyon wash watershed
Meredith Hall 2005 Designing the Datum: revealing landscape change in the South Bay salt ponds
  Title (PDF)
  c1: Introduction (PDF)
  c2: Opportunity for design (PDF)
    c2: p.13-14: images (PDF)
  c3: Landscape dynamics (PDF)
  c4: Revelatory strategies (PDF)
  c5: Designing the datum (PDF)
  c6: Communicating Values (PDF)
Rosey A. Jencks 2005 Finding room for stormwater: a review of site and design opportunities in San Francisco
S. David Shaw 2005 Wetland processes and restoration opportunities in the Rodeo Lagoon Watershed, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Marin county, California (PDF, 29.9MB)
PDF includes: "Subsurface Conditions at the Rodeo Beach Parking Lot Fort Cronkhite, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Marin County, California" (Shaw, 2006)
Alicia Nicole Gilbreath 2008 Dam Removal in California: Learning Through the Post-Project Appraisal (PDF, 10.2MB)
Brooke Ray Smith 2008 Re-Thinking Urban Wastewater Landscapes: Constructed Wetlands for Urban-Ecological Mutualism in San Francisco (PDF, 50.1MB)
Jane Wardani 2008 Stewardship Stories for Watershed Justice (PDF, 10.4MB)
Alex Reed Westhoff 2008 The Sacramento Delta National Heritage Corridor (PDF, 16.1MB)
Jessica Ludy 2009 Before the flood: Misperception of flood risk in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta (PDF, 12MB)
Sarah Richmond 2009 Post-fire channel response: A comparison between the 1977 Marble Cone Fire and 2008 Basin Complex Fire on the upper Carmel River (PDF, 34.9MB)
Julie Beagle 2010 Creating an Anticipatory Management Plan for Carneros Creek, Napa CA (PDF, 9.5MB)
Stacie Jagger 2010 Multi Benefit Flood Management for the Agricultural Reach of the Pajaro River: A Historical Landscape Study with Suitability and Feasibility Analyses (PDF, 7.3MB)
Clare O'Reilly 2010 The Big Five: Dam Removal Planning in the California Coast Ranges (PDF, 8MB)
Joshua Pollak 2010 Conjunctive Water Management in the San Joaquin Basin: A Case for Groundwater Management Reform (PDF, 6MB)

Shannon Fiala


Restoring Regulation:  An Assessment of the Regulatory Process for Restoration Projects

Tamara Church 2012 Understanding Wood-pool Dynamics Using Long-term Monitoring Data from the Gualala River Watershed:  What Can We Learn? (PDF, 5.63MB)
Jessica J. Olson 2012 A Conceptual Restoration Plan and Tidal Hydrology Assessment for Reconnecting Spring Branch Creek to Suisun Marsh, Solano County, California(PDF, 7.33MB)
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