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Clearinghouse for Dam Removal Information (CDRI)

Clearinghouse for Dam Removal Information (CDRI)

How CDRI Began

CDRI began in 2006 in response to a recommendation made in the Aspen Institute report, Dam Removal: A New Option for a New Century (2002). The steering committee includes Serena McClain (Chair; American Rivers), Marcin Whitman (California Department of Fish and Game), Laura Wildman (Princeton Hydro, LLC), Stan Allen (Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission), Susan Wells (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services), and Jock Conyngham (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers). The Water Resources Collections and Archives, located on the University of California Riverside campus, hosts and maintains CDRI.

How CDRI Can Help You

CDRI is the most efficient way to start your search for dam removal information. CDRI collects grant proposals, settlement agreements, engineering design plans, cost estimates, modeling data and analyses, monitoring reports, presentations, photos, videos, etc. Simply enter your search terms and find information on specific projects and the latest techniques in the field.

CDRI also keeps you informed on newspaper articles, upcoming events, conferences and trainings, and videos related to dam removal.

How You Can Help CDRI

If you work on dam removal projects, you can help CDRI by submitting your work. It’s easy to submit documents through the CDRI website, or contact us if you would like assistance submitting your work.

CDRI Board Member Contact List

Serena Mc Clain (chair) American Rivers
Stan Allen Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission
Jose Barrios US Fish and Wildlife
Eric Ginney ESA PWA
Blair Greimann Bureau of Reclamation
John S. Moore USDA NRCS
Tisa Shostik NOAA
Susan Wells US Fish and Wildlife
Gary Whelan Michigan-Science
Mia Docto ex officio UC Berkeley, Environmental Planning, Graduate Student
Linda Vida ex officio Water Resources Collections and Archives, Director

The advisory board meets 2-3 times a year via conference call to advise CDRI on important dam removal information and assist CDRI with outreach activities. Members of the Advisory Board are well-respected experts from a variety of disciplines with expertise in issues pertaining to dam removal.

How CDRI is Funded

CDRI is an unfunded operation. Short-term monies have been graciously provided by California Department of Fish & Game, National Park Service, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission. These funds have been utilized to support graduate and undergraduate student interns to perform outreach, populate the database, and design the website. Linda Vida (Water Resources Collections and Archives) administers CDRI by supporting fundraising, supervising interns, producing outreach materials and interacting with the Advisory Board. Mia Docto updates the CDRI database and blog, assists with outreach and interacts with the Advisory Board. Dana Morita (UCR Library Systems) maintains and updates the website. The Library at UC Riverside hosts the website and blog on their servers.

Special thanks to all of the interns that have worked for CDRI and to those who have contributed financial and technical support to CDRI.

Search the Database

Access E-reports, photos, and presentations about dam removal projects across the country.


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Scientists sampled the flow of water and sediment before and after Marmot Dam on the Sandy River in Oregon was removed in October 2007. Photo courtesy of United States Geological Survey.

According to the Experts..

"Dam removals provide an extraordinary opportunity to learn from our interventions in rivers. The Clearinghouse for Dam Removal Information can play a vital role in making these experiences accessible to researchers and practitioners, and thereby contribute to greatly improved understanding of the science and practice of dam removal and river restoration."

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