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WRCA manages and maintains numerous collections of archival and manuscript materials donated by hydrologists, engineers, academics, and other members of the water community. The collections are made up of reports, personal papers, corporate records, correspondence, data, news clippings, maps, photographs, and other archival materials. WRCA's archival collections are listed in alphabetical order below. Contact WRCA in advance and set a research appointment in order to view these materials.

Discovery of the collections and their contents is provided in two ways: via the Scotty catalog and the Online Archive of California (OAC). In Scotty, collection-level records are available for all collections and many items within collections are cataloged individually. The OAC hosts searchable collection guides, which "provide detailed descriptions of collections, their intellectual organization and, at varying levels of analysis, of individual items in the collections." Digitized content from archival collections are discoverable in the OAC collection guides.

Donations of archival materials are always greatly appreciated and tax-deductible. View our Support WRCA page for additional information on donating collections and/or financial supporting WRCA.

Collector/Collection Name Number
Farouk M. Abdel-Aal Reprints MS 91/2
Frank Adams papers [finding aid] ADAMS
Frank Adams: Historical background of California agriculture (with research notes) MS 2009/1
Amphibious Oceanography MS 76/3
Arizona Groundwater & Water Resources (USGS) MS 84/1
Takashi Asano Stockholm Water Prize Collection MS 2001/5

Collector/Collection Name Number
Joe S. Bain [finding aid] MS 80/7
Banks, Harvey O. papers [finding aid] MS 2008/5
Harry Barnes [finding aid] BARNES
Barrett and Morena Dams (H.N. Savage) [finding aid] MS 79/6
Max J. Bartell [finding aid] BARTELL
Louis Bartlett [finding aid] BART
Bay-Delta Hearings Exhibits (individually cataloged in Melvyl) MS 87/3
Bay-Delta Hearings Transcripts (Phase I) MS 87/4
Bay Institute of San Francisco [not processed] MS 2001/3
Berkeley Creek Task Force Records [inventory (.xls)] MS 2007/1
E. E. Blackie & Fred H. Tibbetts [finding aid] MS 76/8
Harry F. Blaney [finding aid] MS 92/2
Martin H. Blote [finding aid] BLOTE
Bodega Head Wind Speed & Direction (J.W. Johnson) MS 89/2
Frank E. Bonner [finding aid] MS 90/2
Breakwater Patents [finding aid] MS 76/4
Bridges in California National Forests Photographs [finding aid] MS 98/6
Ralph M. Brody [finding aid] MS 86/2
Lloyd N. Brown [finding aid] BROWN
William H. Bruvold BRUVOLD

Collector/Collection Name Number
CALFED Bay-Delta Authority Administrative Record MS 2003/3
California Bureau of Sanitary Engineering [finding aid] MS 80/3
California Bureau of Sanitary Engineering II [not processed] MS 94/1
California Department of Water Resources Oral Video History Program (171 DVDs) MS 2008/3
California Coastal Management Papers [finding aid] MS 89/6
California Irrigation Newspaper Articles MS 76/6
California State Soil Conservation Commission [finding aid] MS 79/4
California Urban Water Plans MS 96/3
California Water Plans News Clippings MS 93/4
California Water Service Contractors Council MS 96/5
Central Valley Project News Clippings MS 93/3
Central Valley Project Photographs MS 99/6
Central Valley Project Studies MS 95/2
Malca Chall [finding aid] MS 2001/1
Clavey River Project [finding aid] CLAVEY
Clean Water Grant Projects [finding aid] MS 79/5
Russell Clemings papers [not processed] MS 98/9
Andrew Cohen [finding aid] MS 2010/6
Randolph Collier [finding aid] COLLIER
Colorado River Board [finding aid] MS 93/1
Columbia Basin Project (F. Adams) [finding aid] ADAMS
Columbia River Basin, Headwater-Benefits Study MS 89/5
Columbia River Estuary Model Study (M.P. O'Brien) [finding aid] MS 79/7
Harold B. Conkling [finding aid] MS 90/1
Cooke, J. Barry International Dams Collection [brief inventory (.xls)] MS 2005/2
Cooper, Erwin papers, 1950-1965 [finding aid] MS 76/10
Cooper, Erwin papers, 1965-2009 [collection index (.pdf)] MS 2010/1
Crissy Field Tidal Basin Project [finding aid] MS 2000/2
Crop Census and Crop Production Reports, 1945-1978 (USBR) [inventory (.xls)] MS 2006/1

Collector/Collection Name Number
Raymond E. Davis [finding aid] DAVIS
Doris O. Dawdy [finding aid] MS 99/2
Marc Del Piero papers : State Water Resources Control Board, 1991-1997 MS 2006/2
Charles Derleth [finding aid] DERLETH
Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant slides collection MS 2008/2
Dividing the Waters Collection [finding aid] MS 2003/1
Drought & Water Conservation [finding aid] MS 79/1

Collector/Collection Name Number
John S. Eastwood [finding aid] EASTWOOD
J. Robert Edmisten MS 87/1
Eel River Water Council [finding aid] MS 76/15
Hans Albert Einstein papers [finding aid] MS 80/8
Hans Albert Einstein Flow of Water collection [finding aid] MS 89/4
Hans Albert Einstein Sediment Transport collection [finding aid] MS 76/12
Environmental Defense Fund background documentation and original "The Tuolumne River, preservation or development? an economic assessment." MS 2009/3
Bernard A. Etcheverry [finding aid] ETCH

Collector/Collection Name Number
Hugo B. Fischer [finding aid] FISCHER
Friends of the River [finding aid] MS 81/3

Collector/Collection Name Number
John D. Galloway [finding aid] GALLOWAY
William R. Gianelli Speeches [finding aid] GIANELLI
John R. Glavinovich [not processed] MS 96/6
B. Abbott Goldberg [finding aid] MS 85/2
Alfred R. Golzé Photographs [finding aid] MS 98/8

Collector/Collection Name Number
Hugh G. Hansen [finding aid] MS 96/7
Sidney T. Harding [finding aid] HARDG
William S. Holdaway HOLDAWAY
Charles A. Holman Delta Dredging Photographs MS 99/5
Henry Holsinger [finding aid] HOLS
Walter L. Huber [finding aid] HUBER
Walter L. Huber Photographs [finding aid] MS 76/14
David E. Hughes [finding aid] MS 77/1
Wells A. Hutchins [finding aid] MS 79/6
Edward Hyatt [finding aid] HYATT
Charles Gilman Hyde [finding aid] HYDE

Collector/Collection Name Number
Irrigation Research (U.C. Davis Dept. of Irrigation) MS 80/11
Harold W. Iversen [finding aid] MS 76/13

Collector/Collection Name Number
Joe W. Johnson [finding aid] JOHNSON

Collector/Collection Name Number
Warren J. Kaufman MS 76/11
Robert Lloyd Kelley [finding aid] KELLEY
Augustus Kempkey [finding aid] KEMPKEY
Kesterson Reservoir News Clippings MS 92/1
Kings River [finding aid] MS 98/5
G. Mathias Kondolf LA222 Term Projects [finding aid] MS 96/1
G. Mathias Kondolf LA227 Term Projects [finding aid] MS 96/2

Collector/Collection Name Number
Lake Hemet Dam Photographs MS 98/4
Wilfred F. Langelier [finding aid] MS 83/2
Frank L. Lathrop [finding aid] LATH
Charles H. Lee [finding aid] MS 76/1
Charles H. Lee Photographs [finding aid] MS 99/1
Eugene C. Lee [finding aid] MS 86/8
Leeds, Hill and Jewett photographs of water resources projects in California and Arizona, (ca. 1911-1930). MS 2008/6
Luna B. Leopold [finding aid] MS 83/4
Luna B. Leopold Term Projects [finding aid] MS 83/3
Levee Rehabilitation Project [finding aid] MS 98/3
Omar J. Lillevang [finding aid] MS 2000/1
Joseph B. Lippincott [finding aid] LIPP
Lituya Bay, Alaska (R.L. Wiegel) MS 99/7
John S. Longwell [finding aid] MS 80/12
Low Cost Shore Protection & Erosion Control [finding aid] MS 81/1
Daniel B. Luten Term Papers MS 80/14

Collector/Collection Name Number
Michael F. Magliari [finding aid] MAGLIARI
Elmer C. Marliave [finding aid] MS 80/10
R. B. Marshall [finding aid] MS 78/1
Percy Masson MS 86/6
Charles A. McCullough [finding aid] MCCU
P. H. McGauhey MS 77/2
Walter R. McLean [finding aid] MS 76/7
Elwood Mead [finding aid] MEAD
Thomas H. Means [finding aid] MEANS
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Special Committee on the Price of Water MS 96/4
Mica Storage Project, Columbia River (R.L. Wiegel) MS 86/1
Mono gate one diversion facility, Los Angeles Aqueduct MS 2009/2
Mono Lake Committee [finding aid] MS 99/4
Mono Lake Hydrology (D.K. Todd) MS 88/2
Morro Bay Ocean Engineering (R.L. Wiegel) MS 87/5

Collector/Collection Name Number
Milton N. Nathanson [finding aid] MS 2001/2
National Drinking Water Advisory Council [finding aid] MS 80/9
Natomas Company of California Photographs [finding aid] MS 98/7
Elmer K. Nelson [finding aid] NELSON
Newport Coast Planned Community [finding aid] MS 2000/3
Andrae B. Nordskog [finding aid] NORDSKOG

Collector/Collection Name Number
Morrough P. O'Brien [finding aid] O'BRIEN
William J. O'Connell [finding aid] MS 80/4
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (LBL Marine Sciences Group) MS 98/1

Collector/Collection Name Number
Peripheral Canal News Clippings [finding aid] MS 93/2
Wayne A. Perkins MS 80/5
Albert W. Plummer papers MS 2007/3
Fred D. Pyle [finding aid] MS 86/4

Collector/Collection Name Number
Rainfall in San Diego County [finding aid] MS 76/5
Lester S. Ready [finding aid] READY
Carl J. Rhodin [finding aid] MS 79/2
River Restoration Projects [finding aid] MS 99/10
Ronald B. Robie [finding aid] MS 91/1

Collector/Collection Name Number
Sacramento River Basin Investigations MS 95/4
Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Water Supply Transcripts (SWRCB) MS 80/1
San Francisco Bay Area Groundwater MS 89/1
San Francisco Bay Conservation & Development Commission BCDC
San Francisco Bay Saline Water Barriers [finding aid] MS 84/3
San Mateo County coastal streams : compendium of information from the California Department of Fish and Game, [194_?- 2001] MS 2002/1
Hiram N. Savage [finding aid] SAVAGE
Hiram N. Savage Photographs [finding aid] MS 76/16
Carl W. Schedler [finding aid] SCHED
Charles R. Scherer [finding aid] MS 79/3
James D. Schuyler [finding aid] SCHU
Fred C. Scobey [finding aid] SCOBEY
Hsieh Wen Shen MS 99/8
Shore Erosion Control in the U.S. (M.P. O'Brien) [finding aid] MS 89/3
Monty Sloan Photographs [finding aid] MS 83/5
Soil and Water Conservation Meeting: Pasadena, Calif., February, 1944 MS 95/5
Southern Marin Subregional Sewerage Agency MS 81/2
Spanish National Hydraulic Plan [inventory (.xls)] MS 2003/2
Owen G. Stanley [finding aid] STANLEY
Strawberry Creek [finding aid] MS 88/1
Max Suter [finding aid] SUTER

Collector/Collection Name Number
Task Force on California's Water Future [finding aid] MS 83/1
Three-way Delta Negotiations Collection (Gerald Meral) [brief inventory (.xls)] MS 2005/3
David K. Todd [finding aid] TODD
Tsunami at Lituya Bay, Alaska, 1958 MS 99/7
Tsunamis at Hilo, Hawaii, 1946 & 1960 MS 84/4
Tulare Lake Basin Water Storage District, et al., Plaintiffs, vs. United States of America, Defendant: Trial Exhibits
Indexes of Plaintiffs' and Defendant's Joint Trial Exhibits (PDF), Plaintiffs' Exhibits (PDF), and Defendant's Exhibit (PDF). Collection also includes exhibits added by the court; index not available.
MS 2007/2
Kenneth Turner: Joint California-Nevada Interstate Compact Commission Records [brief inventory (.xls)] MS 2005/1

Collector/Collection Name Number
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Transcripts of Public Hearings MS 97/1
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Contracts [finding aid] MS 98/2
U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Press Memoranda, 19331pt955 MS 95/1
U.S. National Water Council Transcripts MS 80/2
University of California, Berkeley Pump Testing Laboratory [finding aid] LAB
University of California, Division of Irrigation Investigations & Practice (F. Adams) MS 86/7
Urban Water Management Plans MS 96/3

Collector/Collection Name Number
Frank J. Veihmeyer MS 80/6

Collector/Collection Name Number
Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii Historical Photograph Collection (Wiegel) MS 2004/1
William E. Warne [finding aid] WARNE
Water Resources Conservation and Efficiency Initiative, Prop. 13 MS 85/1
Wave Power Patents [finding aid] MS 76/2
Waves 2001 Field Trip Collection MS 2001/4
Theodore C. Wellman [finding aid] MS 87/2
Robert L. Wiegel Coastal Slides Collection [Slide Catalog] MS 2008/1
Robert L. Wiegel Term Projects [finding aid] WIEGEL
Robert L. Wiegel Reprints MS 84/2
Wildcat Creek Restoration [finding aid] MS 99/9
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