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Restoration Courses at Berkeley

Ecological factors in urban design (LA 201)
Studio course emphasizing integration of hydrologic and ecological data for development of sustainable river corridor plans and restoration designs.

Hydrology for planners (LA 222)
A process- and field-based approach to hydrology, which emphasizes interdisciplinary perspectives and provides technical background in water resources.

Restoration of rivers and streams (LA 227)
An overview of goals and assumptions of river and stream restoration projects, techniques employed in these efforts, and emphasis on strategies for evaluation of project success.

Mediterranean-climate landscapes (LA 229)
Comparative study of environmental conditions and human responses in California and other Mediterranean climate regions, with intensive treatment of a topic in environmental sciences, policy, planning, management, and/or landscape architecture.

Other Related Courses

  •   Introduction to Environmental Science (ES 10)
  •   Bay Area Environments (ES 125)
  •   Biology of Aquatic Insects (ESPM 115B)
  •   Ecological Engineering for Water Quality Improvement (CEE 113N)
  •   Research in Environmental River Planning,Management, & Restoration (LA 228)

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