Biology 5LA Library Exercise - Winter 2019 - Zoom (Webinar) Session

Date: Jan 31, 2019
Time: 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Location: , Zoom - Online


If you prefer an online version of the workshop, sign up for a library exercise session once you have completed your badge/certificate (Click here for instructions on completing the online badge/certificate). If you prefer an in-person session, please sign up here.

  1. Click on RSVP and "Select a Date".

  2. Click on the green "Register" button to submit your name and email. There is a max. of 30 spots available in each scheduled session.

  3. Your Order Confirmation will contain the necessary url and/or Meeting ID to join the Zoom session. Note each session's url and Meeting ID are unique.  

  4. Email a picture or copy of your badge/certificate to prior to the library exercise session.

  5. Prior to the library exercise session:
    Make sure the computer or laptop you will be using has the ability to join a Zoom session. See Zoom Getting Started.
    Make sure your computer or laptop has a built-in microphone or you have earbuds with a built-in microphone in order to participate in the discussions or ask the librarian questions.
    Make sure your computer or laptop is set up with the campus AnyConnect VPN software so you can access library licensed resources from off-campus during the Zoom session. See Connecting to the Library

    For your convenience, download and/or print out the documents (3) we will be utilizing for the webinar: 
    BIO 5LA Articles (Sign-In is NOT required)

    Need to change a session?
    Contact: Michael Yonezawa
    Phone: (951) 827-2896