Getting insights into your data with ArcGIS Insights

Date: Nov 12, 2019
Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Location: Tomás Rivera Library, 138
Closest Parking: Parking Lot P6


Part of the Esri Geospatial Cloud, ArcGIS Insights is analysis software that fuses location analytics with open data science and business intelligence workflows. Answer questions you didn’t know to ask, analyze data completely, and unlock new insights. Empower analysts of all skill levels, across departments, to directly connect data, perform advanced analytics, and take results into 3rd party systems. This workshop will introduce the essential capabilities available in ArcGIS Insights.

Please register by Thursday, November 7.

Date: November 12, 2019

Time: 1:00 - 4:00 PM

Location: Rivera Library, Room 138

Scott Sandusky (Product Manager) and Dara Burlo (Product Engineer) - Esri