Kanopy video streaming service
May 7, 2018

The UCR Library offers the Kanopy video streaming service to support the research and teaching needs of UC Riverside faculty and students.

Kanopy has thousands of films and educational videos available for research or classroom use.

Previously, listings for individual films were available in the UCR catalog. Those listings have now been moved entirely to the Kanopy platform so that library users will have access to the most up-to-date menu of films.

While it now takes one more click to complete a search, the results should yield a more extensive collection, increasing efficiency for library users. In the past, the library would receive catalog updates only once per quarter, whereas Kanopy updates their own website database each week.

The easiest way to use Kanopy now is to visit: ucr.kanopystreaming.com

On campus, that link will allow UCR Library users to search and begin watching films right away. Patrons who access Kanopy from an off-campus location will first need to sign in through the VPN.

“This is a huge improvement because now our patrons will be able to know everything that’s available,” explained Carla Arbagey, UCR Library’s Collection Strategist for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

“Kanopy is a wonderful resource for using streaming video in the classroom because the videos all have non-profit screening rights, so you can screen them and show them to a large class without worrying about paying for performance fees,” Arbagey added. “It supports different styles of learning because of the films’ visual and auditory nature, and the wide variety of films offered means that you can find something for every discipline.”