Alertus Desktop Notification software
June 5, 2017

Recently, Alertus Desktop Notification was installed on all library computer workstations.

This software is meant to notify UC Riverside library users of on-campus emergency or threat issues.

What is Alertus?

The application functions as an alerting system for staff, students, and patrons that use library computer workstations. Alertus Emergency Notification System works in conjunction with a High Powered Speaker Arrays (HPSA) at the BellTower, as well as a Desktop Client.

What does it do?

  1. The Alertus Desktop Alert client program simply pops up a full-screen window, on top of any other computer programs currently running.
  2. There should be no expectation of performance impact for any other running processes.
  3. For example: An instructor playing a DVD would have his or her playback visually interrupted by the pop up alert message, but after acknowledging the message their program should be in the same state as before the message appeared.

How does it work?

  1. The Desktop Alert takes up the entire screen when activated and a Text to Speech message will also play aloud.
  2. Users can dismiss the alert manually; otherwise, the alerts disappear when a dispatcher cancels the alert.
  3. If a user logs in after an alert has been canceled, they should not see any past alerts.

Who puts out the warnings?

Enterprise Risk Management in collaboration with the UCR Police Department puts out the warnings.