Ann Frenkel
September 12, 2016

Effective September 12, 2016, Ann Frenkel will be taking on the title of Deputy University Librarian for the UCR Library.

In this role, Ann will exercise leadership, oversight of operations, and activities associated with promoting and ensuring overall UCR Library effectiveness, which will position the UCR Library for continued success.

Ann will serve as the proxy for the University Librarian, with the requisite authority to address UCR Library issues, and will exercise broad decision-making authority over the Library’s assessment and communications programs as well as oversight of UCR Library policy implementation. She will also routinely represent the UCR Library on UCR and system-wide initiatives in the University Librarian’s absence.

This move is part of a trend that we are seeing at research universities across the country and within the UC system, including at UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis, UC Merced, and UC Los Angeles.

In light of the increased travel requirements of the University Librarian for development and other professional commitments on campus and beyond for the University Librarian, identifying a Deputy University Librarian ensures continuity of operations when the University Librarian is not present.

In addition to the Research and Instructional Services Division, which will continue to report to Ann, Communications has also been moved into Ann’s expanded portfolio.