2021 Graduates
June 1, 2021

In years past, the UCR Library would host a Student Employee and Staff Appreciation Picnic in May to honor the people whose work serves and supports the UC Riverside community.

Due to the continuing campuswide COVID-19 closure, we were not able to hold the celebration again this year.

Still, we would like to recognize and celebrate these library student employees who will graduate with UC Riverside’s Class of 2021: Haneen Abbas, Sabrina Aguilera, Hugo Arcos, Samantha Berrospe, Daphne Burnett, Nicholas Carter, Martin Cruz, Daniel Garcia, Ted Kim, Tim Koo, Terry Mach, Michaela Miller, Brenda Nguyen, Carol Rodriguez, Daysia Rodriguez, Sandra Samayoa, Jonathan Sanchez, Mina Shiratsuchi, Manasi Soni, Kathy Tran, Phyllis Ung, Lisette Ureno, Jasmine Vaquera, Sebastian Vizcarra, Xeng Yang, and Jennifer Zhou.

We asked our 2021 graduates to share their favorite memories from their time spent working at the UCR Library, and what they would miss most about working here. Here are some of their responses:

Jasmine Vaquera

My favorite memory from working at the library was my first week on the job and still being invited to the annual student appreciation picnic. My favorite part of working at the library was being exposed to so many books that I wouldn’t have otherwise encountered. I also loved my bosses and coworkers at ILL and Reserve. What I will miss most about working at the library are those that helped build my best memories there, my bosses and coworkers.

Daysia Rodriguez

My favorite memory working from the library is the finals week activities we would do for the students. I will miss the amazing staff and students who I worked with for the past 3 years. All of you have truly made my experience at this university memorable and fun. Thank you to everyone who has shown me support and especially thank you to Leslie and Sahra for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful team.

Tim Koo

My favorite memory from working at the library is when I first learned how to use the myriad of technologies and tools at the Creat'R Lab. I will definitely miss my coworkers for making my experience of working at the library incredibly fun!

Lisette Ureno

My favorite memory from working at the UCR library Would definitely have to be Finals Week Stress Relief programs! I loved seeing the joy these programs brought to students as they were able to take a break from their studies and interact with other students and staff rather than just their books. I worked at the UCR library since freshman year so I will definitely miss the amazing staff that grew to be great mentors and friends to me. The student life inside the library is also something I feel nostalgia from as I observed throughout the years how social, helpful and welcoming students were to one another despite being in a library setting. I love that!

Haneen Abbas

My favorite memory working at the library would be finals week each quarter when we would put on Disney movies and students would poke their heads in or take a seat for a quick study break. What I'll miss most is interacting with all the unique students and faculty with equally as unique and exciting projects that I was able to watch come to life.

Michaela Miller

My favorite memory of working at the library was coming into a shift at Special Collections after class and just being able to work in the quiet of the library. It was always so calming being there. I’m going to miss working up in Special Collections. Everyone was always super nice there and it was a great experience working there.

Kathy Tran

During week 10 and finals week, the library was giving away snacks for people who were studying at the library at that time. I was able to walk around the library and encourage people with their studying and also spend time with Scotty! It was such a blast. Honestly, I think I'll miss walking up and down aisles and aisles of books. Although I've only used the library a couple of times throughout my undergraduate career, something about the tons of books available just fascinated me. I'll also miss talking to the librarians (shoutout to the Teaching & Learning Services) about our days or something so small. These librarians have made my day 10x better from talking to them and I'll definitely miss them.

Hugo Arcos

One of my favorite memories was celebrating the graduation of past students in the library's patio. Alongside good food and games, it was great to reflect on the many bonds I developed with fellow coworkers. What I will miss the most are the encouraging staff across all sectors of the library. The library was the first job I had at campus, and I was naturally scared of the environment I potentially had to deal with, but I am glad the library turned out to be a place filled with motivational and understanding people. I can't thank everyone enough for providing me with a positive work experience, and many of the skills I learned from various people will hopefully manifest themselves into my future aspirations.

Carol Rodriguez

My favorite memory from working at the UCR Orbach Science Library would be meeting new friends and meeting new people that would come in and come out from the library every day. Also, one thing that I will miss dearly would be the annual Thanksgiving Feast where they would give us so much good food and we would just have fun. Also, congrats, grads -- we did it!

Samantha Berrospe

My favorite memory from the library is seeing all the students take a break from studying, and enjoy relaxing by attending our Finals Week Stress Relief activities. What I will miss most about working at the library is hanging out with my coworkers and gaining some new friends.