University Librarian poses with graduating Library staff student workers
May 27, 2022

The UCR Library’s Student Employee Appreciation Event returns after a two-year pause. 

The UCR Library is one of the largest student employers on campus. Each spring, the UCR Library usually holds an in-person appreciation event celebrating our student workers.  

However, due to the 2020 and 2021 campuswide closure, the last in-person Student Employee Appreciation Event was in 2019. We are pleased to announce that this event returned on May 25, 2022.  

At the safari-themed 2022 Student Employee Appreciation Event, held in the lower courtyard at the Rivera Library, we recognized 14 library student employees who will graduate with UCR’s Class of 2022: Yaneli Alvarado, Cynthia Cruz, Lina Cun, Isabel Fryett, Marlen Gonzalez Duran, Valerie Gonzalez, Hunter Courtney Kern, Romyrl Labuen, Miranda Lara, Jennifer Perez Lara, Michelle Rawlings, Xavier Rodriguez, Karen Rachel Rosales, and Danielle Velarde.  

We asked some of our 2022 graduates what they will miss most about working at the UCR Library. Here are their responses: 

“I will miss walking around the library and looking for books during my shift. I find this calming. I will also miss talking to my supervisor and my co-workers. They are the best!” — Romyrl Labuen 

“What I’ll miss the most is the work culture. I was able to achieve personal and professional growth while simultaneously creating long-lasting friendships. I was never afraid to admit to a mistake, ask questions and I was even given several opportunities to learn and grow. It’s a culture that you cannot find anywhere else and is absolutely valuable for student workers such as myself.” — Miranda Lara 

“My coworkers! Especially my supervisor, Margarita. I've worked here at Orbach for four years and while I've seen some of my coworkers come and go, there have been a few constants. We've all shared laughs and troubles, and have had our silly moments. I'll miss that all when I'm gone.” — Valerie Hernandez 

“I'm going to miss the employees the most! Everyone is so nice and welcoming and I would always look forward to coming back once the school year would begin. I am also going to miss the flexibility and the laid-back environment that was present at the UCR Library. Overall, the staff make working at the library a great experience.” — Jennifer Perez Lara

Congratulations, class of 2022!