Blue two-tone background with Creat'R Lab logo and image of Meta Quest 2 VR Headset
September 29, 2022

We are pleased to announce that the UCR Library was recently awarded the Create with VR Grant from Unity and Meta Immersive Learning.  

This will position the UCR Library at the forefront of innovative teaching and learning by putting virtual reality (VR) technology and training in the hands of our staff. 

We will receive 20 Meta Quest 2 VR headsets that will allow us to help train students to become the creators of tomorrow in the growing, high-wage VR industry. 

Innovative Media Librarian Alvaro Alvarez applied for VR headsets on behalf of the UCR Library’s Creat’R Lab. He intends to use the headsets in workshops and plans to make them available to the wider UCR community for use in coursework, research, or just for fun.  

Unity and Meta Immersive Learning are also providing Alvaro access to professional development opportunities to build his knowledge of VR development and expand his capacity to create innovative and engaging learning experiences for UCR students. 

“Right now, I am taking a five-week course,” Alvaro explained. “They teach us best practices on managing the headsets and how to teach different kinds of workshops.” 

Once the headsets are ready for use, Alvaro plans on reaching out to faculty who are already teaching VR in the hope that the 20 Creat'R Lab VR headsets can be used as an additional resource for their students.  

The launch date for the headsets is still to be determined. However, they will be available sometime during this academic school year. Follow us on social media for updates!