Diane Bisom
August 9, 2016

Effective August 9, 2016, Diane Bisom’s title has been changed to Associate University Librarian for the Digital Library.

This development will position the UCR Library for continued success as a major academic research library. Diane will retain her existing departments and units; she will also begin planning and implementing the creation of a Digital Initiatives unit.

Every aspect of contemporary academic research librarianship is intimately tied in with digital technologies and digital strategies, regardless of the formats of the materials acquired or managed. Two-thirds of our acquisition dollars go towards digital content; the tools that libraries use to describe and provide access to materials are digital in nature, regardless of the format of those materials, and academic research libraries manage large and growing quantities of born-digital content in the form of digital archives and research data.

The AUL for the Digital Library role is designed to ensure that the UCR Library employs a coordinated set of digital strategies to manage the life cycle of information resources acquired or managed by the library. Similarly, the AUL for the Digital Library role will emphasize the UCR Library’s commitment to ensuring fast and durable access to high-quality information for the students, faculty, and other researchers at UCR.

We will rely on Diane’s guidance for vision, strategic leadership, and management to help us advance the Library’s digital efforts and innovative technology services.