UC Love Data Week took place Feb. 8 - 11, 2021
February 19, 2021

From Feb. 8 - 11, 2021, the inaugural UC Love Data Week offered training on data access, management, security, sharing, and preservation to approximately 700 members of the University of California community.

Kat Koziar, Data Librarian, represented UC Riverside in a collaborative effort across the ten UC campuses and the California Digital Library (CDL) to coordinate UC Love Data Week. “I am thankful to have worked with my UC colleagues to offer this event,” she said. “By combining our resources and talents, we were able to offer 29 sessions on a wide variety of data related topics -- far more than we can offer on our own.”

Attendee feedback was positive, with 92.5% of responses rating UC Love Data Week as “above expectations,” and 58% rating it as “excellent.” Most of the survey comments were encouraging, Koziar added. “Attendees enjoyed the workshops they attended and were very grateful for the event.”

Since it launched in January, the UC Love Data Week website has had around 3,500 unique visitors. The event committee plans to link the UC Love Data Week presentation recordings and workshop materials to the website by early March.

Will UC Love Data Week become an annual UC-wide event? “Many of us, while commenting on the success, agreed that we should continue this format in the future, but we haven't made solid plans yet,” Koziar said. Anyone interested in participating in a future UC Love Data Week can ask to receive updates from their local campus library or Research Data Lab.